[Party of Five]

not fade away

When Charlie announces that Kirsten is moving in, Claudia is excited, but Julia and Bailey are upset over not being asked. And while Charlie claims that everyone approved of the move, Kirsten isn't so sure. As Julia worries about her parent's memories being displaced, she discovers a hidden diary suggesting that her mother had an affair over ten years ago. Meanwhile, as Claudia ponders converting to Judaism for her boyfriend Artie, Jill steals an expensive pair of gloves for Bailey. And, after Claudia seeks Kirsten's advice instead of her's, Julia lectures her little sister about abandoning their parent's faith.

After Julia pointedly asks Joe if her mother had an affair with cellist Avery Baltus, there are cool receptions all around the family's regular table when Charlie shows up with Kirsten, and Bailey surprises everyone by bringing Jill. And, when Claudia takes ill in the middle of the night and turns to Kirsten for comfort, Julia is aggravated even further. Pretending to be a student working on a project, Julia tracks down Avery to ask about some recordings they did together and then listens as the cellist claims he loved her mom. Upon returning home, she then lashes out at Kirsten for giving Claudia advice on religion. Meanwhile, when Jill pressures him to steal a pair of sunglasses for her, Bailey is caught by a security guard.

When Charlie immediately blames Jill for the whole mess, Bailey jumps to her defense as the management decides not to press charges in the theft. Confronting Julia about her anger, Kirsten admits it was a mistake to move in without asking and swears she has no intention of tying to replace their late mother. Meanwhile, after discussing it with Artie, Claudia puts her plans to convert on hold. And, having seen through Julia's ruse, Avery arrives at the Salinger's where he emphatically claims he never had an affair with her mom. Finally, Bailey tells Jill that he isn't going to let his older brother run his life, while Charlie persuades Kirsten to stop being self conscious about living in the house.


Sparks fly when Charlie moves Kirsten in without consulting his siblings; Julia uncovers evidence that heir mother may have had an affair.

Directed by: Peter O'Fallon
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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