[Party of Five]

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While planning a secret overnight trip together, Bailey discovers that Kate has a secret of her own. But, upon being told she's been accepted at an exclusive boarding school in Connecticut, Bailey learns that the idea wasn't her father's, but Kate's. When her lies encourage her boss Morgan to ask her out, Julia must think fast when he asks to come back to her house for the night. After overhearing Julia discussing how to handle the situation, Claudia decides to be more mysterious in order to attract her classmate, Artie.

Confused by her sudden reappearance in his life, Charlie discovers that Kirsten may have cancer. The Salinger sisters each take action to attract their young men. However, while Claudia's showing up at Artie's karate class backfires, Julia goes to see Morgan at home, only to find him there with someone else. And when Claudia decides to make Artie jealous, she only causes him to lose interest in her altogether. Meanwhile, Kate offers to sleep with Bailey before she leaves.

When Julia claims to be the Salinger's nanny, Morgan's admission that the "woman" he was with was his young daughter forces her to reconsider her own lack of candor. Realizing her own mistake, Claudia asks Julia for advice before telling Artie that all she really wants to be is his friend again. Armed with Charlie's advice on sex, Bailey heads off on his secret weekend getaway with Kate. However, after realizing that she is doing it just for him, he decides to wait. Then, just as she is about to come clean with Morgan, a surprise inspection of the club suddenly places Julia's job, and their relationship, in jeopardy. Finally, Charlie learns that Kirsten needs more than his companionship in bed. And, while she doesn't have cancer, she won't ever be able to have children of her own.


Bailey learns a secret about Kate; Julia and Claudia each try keeping secrets from prospective boyfriends; a personal crisis prompts Kirsten to turn to Charlie.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Susannah Grant

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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