[Party of Five]

private lies

Worried about Charlie's keeping odd hours, Bailey's concerns are heightened when he isn't home during a surprise visit by the family's social worker. However, Bailey soon discovers something even more disturbing -- Claudia is gone and no one knows where she is. Though reported missing to the police, Claudia arrives home claiming she had permission to spend the night with a friend, causing the older Salingers to realize they have been paying little attention to her lately. Meanwhile, after attracting the attention of the owner of the club, Julia discovers that poor business has led Morgan to adopt some sexually provocative uniforms she doesn't particularly like. But when Julia rallies her fellow employees to complain, everyone is fired.

As Charlie admits he is taking a college architecture course, Bailey and Julia try learning as much as they can about Claudia before Mrs. Gideon returns. But their prying becomes too much, forcing Claudia's new boyfriend to leave-in the middle of a date. Pressed to there for Mrs. Gideon, Charlie finds himself in a bind by a class assignment that makes it impossible. And, when their nanny's jury duty leaves them without any child care, Bailey asks Kirsten to come back just for Mrs. Gideon's visit. Meanwhile, after Bailey gives away his secret, Charlie explodes, revealing that he is dropping because of family obligations.

Seeing through their fragile act, Mrs. Gideon reveals that Claudia isn't really working at a restaurant and that Bailey is failing in school. Now aware they all have been keeping secrets, the Salingers face the possibility of being split up. Despite a decision to drop the uniforms, Julia quits the club but manages to keep a possible romantic relationship with Morgan alive, while Charlie and Bailey encourage each other to stay in school. Worried that she caused their problems, Claudia goes to see Mrs. Gideon. But, learning she has no intention of splitting them up, bearing some advice from Mrs. Gideon, Claudia returns home with the good news.


Keeping too many secrets from each other threatens the Salinger's future together.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: W.K. Scott Meyer

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