[Party of Five]


With the approach of the first Thanksgiving since their parent's accident, the Salingers decide not to make it a big deal. But the holiday is put into a whole new light when the drunk driver responsible for their parent's deaths is released from prison and wants a meeting to apologize. Although Charlie and Bailey are adamantly against the idea, their sisters aren't so sure. And, after asking Julia about the trial, Claudia heads for Walter Alcott's bookstore just to see what he looks like. Hearing of her visit, Bailey's own anger is too much to contain, and even suggests suing Walter to punish him further.

Seeking forgiveness of her own, Walter's teenaged daughter, Annie, surprises Julia with an unannounced visit. Then, despite his pledge, Bailey goes to see Walter, venting his own anger and frustration. When Bailey insists that she never see her again, Julia gently rebuffs Annie's effort to become friends while, needing someone to talk to, Bailey turns to Kate, who suggests that he let go of his anger and get on with his life. Meanwhile, Claudia panics after losing a valuable bracelet she borrowed without Julia's permission. To replace it, she asks Charlie for a loan...of $5,000!

Hoping to help heal everyone's wounds, Julia calls on the Alcotts before deciding to make a day-after-Thanksgiving dinner on her own. As she pitches in to help, Claudia finally confesses to having lost the bracelet, only to learn that it was only a worthless trinket. Meanwhile, unable to keep his own guilt bottled up any longer, Charlie makes his pilgrimage to see Walter. While there, he admits it was his own irresponsible behavior that caused his parents to be late for a concert, placing them in the deadly path of Walter's car. Finally, after their post-Thanksgiving dinner, the Salingers start putting their lives back together with a visit to their parent's grave.


The release of the drunk driver who killed their parents divides the family.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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