[Party of Five]

much ado

Ready to advance their relationship, Charlie persuades Kirsten to stay the night after she finishes with Owen. But, when she finds another woman's lipstick in his truck, Kirsten angrily accuses him of sleeping with a former girlfriend and storms off. Heading to a dance club for a drink, an already distraught Charlie is further surprised to find Julia there drinking with some friends. Meanwhile, Claudia decides to get revenge on Bailey by sabotaging his date with Kate after he forgets about taking her to view a rare eclipse.

As Bailey complains to his younger sister, he quickly finds himself being criticized over his sudden preoccupation with Kate. Admitting that he did make love with Rebecca, Charlie is unable to get Kirsten's forgiveness and is forced to tell his siblings that they are losing Owen's nanny. But, as plans for their regular family dinner unravel in the chaos, Owen suddenly takes ill, leaving Kirsten the only one around to take him to the hospital. Arriving at the emergency room to help, Charlie calls and interrupts Bailey's plans to have dinner alone with Kate. Meanwhile, Claudia tries to forget about her family's problems by inviting Ross to the restaurant -- until a phone call alerts her to the emergency, too.

With the doctor worried that Owen may have meningitis, Charlie and Bailey both agree to a potentially dangerous test to check for the virus. However, refusing to take her brother's phone calls at work, Julia remains unaware of Owen's condition until Charlie arrives to tell her in person. Though everyone else waits anxiously for the test results, memories of their parent's death at the hospital make it impossible for Claudia to join them. As Charlie lectures Julia about responsibility and criticizes her drinking, Bailey returns home to apologize Claudia for his lapse. While Julia tries persuading Kirsten to give Charlie another chance, they learn that Owen will be okay as Claudia suddenly arrives to be with her family. Finally, Charlie makes one last plea for Kirsten to reconsider leaving.


Charlie's infidelity jeopardizes his relationship with Kirsten; Bailey's preoccupation with Kate angers Claudia.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: Hollis Rich

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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