[Party of Five]

fathers and sons

While preparing for his test to be a tour guide, Bailey and Kate are surprised by her father Elliot Bishop. Accepting his invitation to dinner, Bailey must then struggle to impress Kate's parents, only to find himself defending his own unconventional living arrangements and inviting Elliot to come and meet Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie accepts Joe's offer to manage the restaurant one night a week, while Julia is surprised when P.K. arrives late at night after being beaten by his father. And, though Julia is unable to get P.K. to talk about what happened, Charlie agrees to let him stay the night. Despite coaching from his younger brother on how to handle Mr. Elliot, a problem at the restaurant not only gets Charlie in trouble with Joe, but also causes Kate's dad to lose what little confidence he had in the Salinger's stability.

Tired of being compared to his late father, Charlie decides to quit managing the restaurant, only to find that the business is in jeopardy because of a big rent increase. Then, after his mom and a police officer come looking for P.K., Julia insists he left as she pleads in vain with Mrs. Strickler to do something about her son's abuse. Told that P.K. is being sought as a missing person, Julia's siblings are unwilling to accept the risk of having him at the house. Meanwhile, although Kate tries convincing him that her father's restrictions can easily be avoided, Bailey chooses to confront Mr. Elliot and argue his case in person.

Though ignoring any suggestions that he get help to deal with his abusive dad, P.K. accepts the $150 Julia made working at the club to help him on his way. Turning to Joe to repay the money he borrowed, Charlie agrees to stay on at the restaurant...but only for as long as it takes to get the business back on its feet. Meanwhile, after failing to impress her dad, Bailey finds himself under fire from Kate for having tried to win him over. Finally, the Salingers regret not having their own dad around to help as they struggle to resolve their problems


Bailey tries to impress Kate's father; Charlie balks at the constant comparisons with his own dad.

Directed by: Ellen S. Pressman
Written by: Chris Keyser & Amy Lippman

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