[Party of Five]

all's fair

Disappointed when his date with a pair of old friends upsets their dinner with her mother, Kirsten suspects Charlie's motives when one of them turns out to be a former girlfriend. Planning to spend the night with her waiting to buy concert tickets, Bailey is surprised when Kate's boyfriend arrives to join them. As Bailey struggles with what to do and Claudia obsessively practices for an upcoming violin competition, Charlie joins Rebecca and her husband Mike for dinner. But, when Mike is out of earshot, Rebecca admits that her marriage is failing, while Bailey tests the waters by kissing Kate. Meanwhile, when Kate suggests that he not go to the concert, Bailey insists that Tom be the one to stay behind.

When asked to sign the application for the contest, Julia notices that Claudia lied about her age in order to gain an advantage with the judges and refuses to allow her to enter. Alone with Rebecca, Charlie gets the story of their marriage before making love in his truck outside her parents house. When Julia fails to convince a nightclub owner that she is eighteen when she applies for a job, she enlists Nina in an effort to make a phony ID. Although Kate skips the concert, Bailey tracks her down to ask that she just give him a chance. But, after he impresses her with a whirlwind tour of the city, when he is surprised by Tom, Bailey nearly ends up in a fight as Kate orders him to leave.

After learning that she has decided to leave Mike, Charlie suddenly finds himself avoiding Rebecca while, discovering that Claudia entered the competition, Julia chastises Ross for signing the forms. Insulted when she realizes that Charlie fears she wants to exchange her failed marriage for a relationship with him, Rebecca walks out. Meanwhile, when Kate arrives to return his gift, Bailey delivers an ultimatum -- choose either him or Tom. After Claudia fails to win, Julia learns that she entered because their mother did when she was a promising young violinist, Charlie's apology to Rebecca causes him to rethink his relationship with Kirsten. Finally, after apologizing to Claudia, Julia admits to her own deception in getting the job, while Kate surprises Bailey by dumping Tom.


An old girlfriend tempts Charlie; Claudia and Julia both lie to get what they want.

Directed by: Peter O'Fallon
Written by: Ann Lewis Hamilton

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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