[Party of Five]

worth waiting for

While arguing argue over who takes Claudia to see a sex education film, Bailey plots his return to the football team as Charlie repairing his relationship with Kirsten. As Julia is fending off her little sister's inquiries about sex, her friend Justin drops by sheepishly looking for a date, only to find she is more interested in her new circle of friends. Learning that the team actually won without him, Bailey is even more upset to find that his replacement secured victory for the hapless team. Meanwhile, with some encouragement from a friend, Kirsten decides to pursue a relationship with Charlie, as Claudia's pointed questions and Nina's talk of a new boyfriend all combine to convince Julia that she needs some firsthand experience with sex.

Put to bed by Charlie after having a few too many drinks, Kirsten agrees to another date. But, when she is approached by Julia for some advice on sex, Kirsten discovers she was the on the receiving end of the suave lines Charlie has used with many other women. Meanwhile, Bailey falls for a flirtatious customer at the shoe store, while Julia decides to uses Justin in order to get some experience under her belt. Realizing she is upset, Charlie persuades Kirsten to try another date, as Julia and Nina shop for condoms prior to her date with Justin. After Bailey's prank brings Kate back to the store and he persuades her to join him for a date, he learns she already has a boyfriend.

As Julia makes plans to see Justin when his parents are out, Kirsten and Charlie are forced to postpone their date to care for a teething Owen. Encouraged by Claudia and Will, Bailey decides to continue his pursuit of Kate, while Nina's being unceremoniously dumped right after a sexual liaison causes Julia to think twice about seducing Justin. Meanwhile, after he offers to take care of Owen so Charlie and Kirsten can go out, Bailey quits his job in order to surprise Kate. Finally, after disappointing Justin, a confused Julia seeks solace with her younger sister as Charlie and Kirsten finally get a chance to spend the night together.


Julia is tempted by sex; Kirsten gives Charlie another chance; Bailey falls in love.

Directed by: Stephen Cragg
Written by: Susannah Grant

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
Party of Five, its name, logo and photos are a trademark of Columbia TriStar Pictures