[Party of Five]

good sports

As Bailey and his teammates prepare for another humbling football game, Charlie is surprised by Kirsten's date with a lawyer she recently met. And, when four popular girls need a place for a party, Julia jumps at the chance to improve her social standing and offers her house. However, problems arrive when they arrive before Julia can warn her siblings. Meanwhile, after a surprising tie, Bailey celebrates with Adam and Will. However, when some angry opposing players come looking for revenge, Adam fights back and damages school property.

As Bailey recounts the game over breakfast, Charlie is asked to join him at meeting with the principal. Questioned about some broken windows, Bailey protects Adam, claiming he couldn't see clearly. However, when he faces suspension, Kirsten suggests Bailey seek legal advice from her boyfriend, George. Yet, upon going to George's office, Charlie finds he lied to Kirsten about his status at the firm. Meanwhile, when Julia hosts another party, Claudia protests, while maintaining his silence, Bailey is punished and not allowed to practice with the team.

After arguing with Adam about being made to suffer, Bailey is lectured by Charlie about the consequences of his loyalty. Meanwhile, as they are preparing for the weekly family dinner, Nina arrives to announce that a big party about to happen at the Salinger's. Deciding to maintain his silence to keep the trust of his teanunates, Bailey then defends his decision to Charlie. Told that George is actually a paralegal, Kirsten angrily questions Charlie's motive for the disclosure while, after complaining about the damage to her house, Julia is ostracized by her new friends and tries making amends with Claudia. However, when Nina apologizes and makes good on some of the damage, Julia seizes the moment to cement their friendship. Finally, Kirsten applauds Bailey's loyalty.


Bailey loyalty to his football teammates places him in jeopardy; Julia's generosity to some popular new friends causes problems for her siblings.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: W.K. Scott Meyer

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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