[Party of Five]


As Bailey develops a serious crush on Kirsten, Julia and her best friend Libby realize their good study habits haven't made them very popular and decide to remedy the situation by skipping an evening of studying to attend a party. Unsure about how to handle the situation, Bailey turns to Charlie for advice, unaware that Kirsten is interested in his older brother, who himself is seeing an older woman. As Bailey makes up a story about an imaginary friend in order to get Kirsten's attention, Claudia asks a private investigator to search for Jack Gordon, the Salinger's long lost grandfather. Yet, when faced with the high cost, Claudia accepts the detective's bit of free advice and decides to look on her own.

Having enjoyed the party, Julia and Libby are caught by surprise with a quiz the following day, while Charlie discovers that his thirty-five year old girlfriend is more interested in his sexual prowess than his career ambitions. Then, after Bailey tries to impress Kirsten by cooking dinner himself, he overhears her planning a date with his older brother. Meanwhile, given a chance to erase her poor quiz score, Julia decides to forgo the assignment for another party. After finding a Jack Gordon living on a boat in San Francisco, Claudia is certain she has found their grandfather, even though Charlie and Bailey both refuse to believe it.

Told of his attraction for Kirsten, Charlie counsels Bailey to drop the fantasy, while Libby fails to persuade Julia to forgo the party to study together. But, upon finding Bailey struggling with his own homework, Julia ends up spending the evening helping him, forcing her to accept the consequences of skipping her own extra credit assignment. Going to see Gordon himself, Bailey learns he is not their grandfather and, while not wanting to believe it, Claudia learns to accept the truth. Finally, as Julia struggles with the conflict between being a good student and being popular, Charlie realizes how much distress he has caused Bailey and cancels his date with Kirsten.


Bailey develops a crush on Kirsten; Julia strives to be popular; Claudia searches for the Salinger's long lost grandfather.

Directed by: Richard Pearce
Written by: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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