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Book Differences

The book was an invaluable resource in determining cast listings for the first three seasons. But there are differences between the author's information and the cast information listed with aired episodes. Since I have tapes starting with episode 42 (PF-220), the information listed is based upon the actual air tapes. In a majority of cases, the character name is not listed during the opening title sequence. In those cases, I use the names listed by the author. The end titles do list character names and sometimes they varied from the author's list. Also, she lists the actors that play Owen Salinger at the beginning of each season. Unfortunately those kids got billing during the end title sequence and definately were not listed each week. Industry practice is to make cannon what has been aired (just ask the Trekkers, as cannon is a hot topic :-). This is not to say that spelling errors do not occur in cast listings. They most definately do. But, until I have proof that a actor I have listed is misspelled, I will base what I have on actual air tapes, when available. BTW, the cast is listed in order of how they were listed on the air tapes.

Lastly, she lists 68 episodes for the first three seasons. Unfortunately, there are 69 episodes. She lists the two-parter that ended the second season as a single episode, even after she explained that it was meant to be a two-parter and she even lists the episodes as part 1 and 2. The series has been sold to secondary syndication, and it is going out as originally intended, two episodes. As such, it MUST be counted as two episodes, 43 and 44. This means that every episode listed in her book for the third season, must have one added to it. I'm sure that the author, Brenda Scott Royce, will disagree with me, but Columbia has sold the series with there being 69 episodes in the first three seasons.


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