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PARTY OF FIVE explores the lives of the Salingers - five brothers and sisters growing from adolescence to adulthood without parental guidance following the tragic loss of their parents. The program focuses on the way they struggle to hold their family together while preserving the love, laughter and warmth their parents left behind. Winner of the 1996 Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, the one-hour drama, now in its fifth season, airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on FOX. Beginning fall of 1998, the series will be syndicated nationally by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution (CTTD).

In its first season, 24-year-old Charlie (Matthew Fox), the oldest Salinger, is forced to take a crash course in responsibility when he finds himself in over his head as the legal guardian of his siblings. Picking up the slack is 16-year-old Bailey (Scott Wolf), who, unlike most teenagers, spends more time balancing the family's checkbook than his social calendar. Julia (Neve Campbell) is a 15-year-old who excels in school but, more than she cares to admit, desperately misses adult guidance as she enters womanhood. Eleven-year-old Claudia (Lacey Chabert) has inherited her mother's musical gift, but is willing to sacrifice her precious lessons and even pawn her violin to help the family meet expenses. Together, the four Salingers share the responsibility of taking care of the youngest family member, 11-month old Owen. Although not every Salinger will rush to the rescue when there is a dirty diaper, they make no fuss when it comes to loving their little brother.

Sometimes the pressure threatens to overwhelm them, and quite often they get on each other's nerves, but, no matter what, they all make the effort to gather as a family each week at the restaurant their father once owned.

Party of Five is a Columbia Pictures Television production for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman are the executive producers.

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