[Party of Five]

(Owen Salinger, the child)

Andrew and Steven Cavamo currently portray the youngest member of the Salinger family in Party of Five, the critically acclaimed one-hour draina from Columbia Pictures Television for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Beginning fall of 1998, the series will be syndicated nationally by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution (CTTD).

Born in San Bemadino, Calif. on July 1, 1992, fourteen minutes apart, Andrew and Steven started acting as infants. They spent a season on Homefront, and also had a role in the made-for-cable movie The Cool and the Crazy.

They and their older sister, Katrina Marie, live with their parents in Redlands, Calif. and when they are not working on Party of Five, they love to play ball, swim, draw, climb anything, play chase and play with "Yertle the Turtle," their pet turtle.


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