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Barry Corbin

Whitey Durham

Known for his hefty portrayals of cops, military men and patriarchal figures on both television and film, Barry Corbin plays Coach Whitey Durham, the tough-minded but fair basketball coach on "One Tree Hill." Corbin gained fame as Maurice Minnifield, former astronaut-turned-entrepreneur and all around big-shot, on the popular and critical favorite "Northern Exposure."

Born and raised in Lamesa, Texas, Corbin attended Texas Technical University where he studied Drama. He moved to New York to pursue acting after spending two years with the Marine Corps. For nearly a decade, he starred in a string of stage productions before moving to Los Angeles. While writing plays for National Public Radio, he landed the role of Uncle Bob in the hit 1977 film "Urban Cowboy," which launched his prolific career. Since that break, Corbin's well-known film roles have included "War Games," "Nothing in Common," "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," "Who's Harry Crumb?" "Career Opportunities," "Ghost Dad," "Curdled," "Solo" and "Inconvenienced." This summer, Corbin played the role of Sheriff Buster Watkins in the feature "Molding Clay," directed by William Katt.

Corbin has starred on Broadway, off-Broadway and in regional theater in such roles as Henry in "Henry V," Jud in "Oklahoma!," Henry II in "Beckett," Falstaff in "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Macbeth," among others. Corbin also performs a one-man traveling show, which he co-wrote, called "Charlie Goodnight's Last Night" about the celebrated Texas cowboy.

Corbin currently shares a ranch with his daughter and three grandchildren in Fort Worth where they raise horses and cattle.


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