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Opening Title Sequence

97 [MP-401] 9/11/95 [9/09/95] [unknown] 2395094 Postmortem Madness
At the end of last season, the lives of more than a dozen characters hung in the balance, with Jake in a midair fall; Matt wrongfully imprisoned for murder; and Kimberly poised to blow up the remaining resident; of L.A.'s coolest address.

The fourth-season opener should reveal their fates ... and then some. With set-side secrecy at a maximum, the only things we can guarantee are that Anne-Marie Johnson signs on as Matt's lawyer and James Handy, who's played tough guys on NYPD Blue and Beverly Hills 90210, changes pace to return as the accused killer's father.

98 [MP-402] 9/18/95 [9/16/95] [unknown] 2395095 Melrose Place Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
Out on bail and under emotional strain, Matt fights with Paul, and later with Jake; Peter lobbies on behalf of Kimberly, who's declared fit to stand trial; Alison returns to D&D and upsets Billy; Brooke and Billy have different reasons for being surprised by an inheritance,

Hobbs: Francis X. McCarthy.

99 [MP-403] 9/20/95 [9/16/95] [unknown] 2395096 Blind Ambition
Billy's attention to Alison sends Brooke running to Daddy; Matt's lawyer (Anne-Marie Johnson) objects to his plan for Paul (David Beecroft); Jo is hired by Jane, who may have overstepped her bounds; Kimberly's Demon (Zitto Kazann) visits at an opportune time.

Dr. Reshay: Alexandra Hedison.
Wednesday, 9pm

100 [MP-404] 9/25/95 [9/23/95] [unknown] 2395097 Simply Shocking
Brooke finds a skeleton in Amanda's closet; Richard (Patrick Muldoon) proposes to Jane; Kimberly undergoes electroshock therapy; Michael urges Matt to sue Dr. Hobbs (Francis X. McCarthy); Sydney and Michael upset Kimberly.

Jack Parezi: Antonio Sabato Jr. Shelly Hanson: Hudson Leick. Tom Riley: Lewis Smith. Kimberly's Demon (Henry): Zitto Kazann.

101 MP-405 10/02/95 [9/30/95] [unknown] 2395098 Drawing Henry
Brooke is haunted by her discovery in Miami; Hayley approaches Alison about breaking up Billy and Brooke; Kimberly's mother (Janet Carroll) sheds some light on the origin of her daughter's mental problems; Hobbs offers Matt and out-of-court settlement.

Jack: Antonio Sabato Jr. Shelly: Hudson Leick. Richard: Patrick Muldoon.

102 [MP-406] 10/09/95 [10/07/95] [unknown] 2395099 The Jane Mutiny
Kimberly gets good news from the Medical Review Board-with a catch; Jack and Amanda agree on divorce plans. Meanwhile, Hayley (Perry King) snubs Brooke for Alison, personally and professionally; and Jo and Hobbs (Francis X. McCarthy) have loose lips; she about Jane and he at his deposition.

Tom: Lewis Smith. Jack: Antonio Sabato Jr.

103 [MP-407] 10/16/95 [10/14/95] [unknown] 2395100 Let The Games Begin
Kimberly apologizes at Amanda's "Survived the Blast" bash, while Michael and Sydney launch a plan to push their hostess over the edge. Meanwhile, Brooke witnesses her father's late-night visit to Alison; Matt makes peace with his father (James Handy); and Jack (Antonio Sabato Jr.) tries to get closer to Amanda.

Marc: Zitto Kazann.

104 [MP-408] 10/23/95 [10/21/95] [unknown] 2395101 Dial "M" For Melrose
Peter comes to Amanda's aid regarding Jack, but Michael butts in; Hayley and Alison reveal their relationship to Brooke and Billy; Kimberly violates her parole, and breaks free from "Henry" (Zitto Kazann); Jane tries to mend fences wit Richard.

Diamond: Morgan Stevens.

105 MP-409 10/30/95 [10/28/95] [unknown] 2395102 Amanda Unplugged
Richard (Patrick Muldoon) wants Jo along on his and Jane's business trip to Hawaii; Alison snoops around the Armstrong mansion; Kimberly accepts an offer from Dr. Joyce Brothers; Matt takes the entrance exam for medical school; Amanda keeps vigil by Jack-thinking "get well never."
106 MP-410 11/06/95 11/04/95 10/26/95 2395103 El Syd
Sydney plays her hand regarding Jack, but goes surprisingly easy on Michael; Jake says aloha Hawaii-bound Jo; Alison tests her feelings for Billy; Matt celebrates getting into med school; Melrose Place gets a new resident.

Diamond: Morgan Stevens. Shelly: Hudson Leick.

107 MP-411 11/13/95 11/11/95 10/28/95 2395104 Free Kimmy
Sydney and Kimberly employ different forms of blackmail to make demands on Peter, but Amanda wants little to so with him; Jane, after striking out at Jo, schemes to win back Richard.

Ricardo Chapas: Enrique Castillo. Bobby Parezi: John Enos. Vince Parezi: David Groh.

108 MP-412 11/20/95 11/18/95 11/07/95 2395105 Kimberly Does L.A.
Bobby Parezi (John Enos) arrives in L.A.; Jane flaunts Michael in front of Richard (Patrick Muldoon); Amanda changes course with Peter; Hayley decides to sell his mansion, surprising Alison; Matt catches on to SHelly's misdealings; a caller castigates Kimberly for giving bad advice.

Vic: Page Moseley. Shelly: Hudson Leick. Hayley: Perry King.

109 MP-413 11/27/95 11/25/95 11/02/95 2395106 Hook, Line And Hayley
Bobby Parezi (John Enos) shirks his family duty; Hayley (Perry King) confesses his sins to Alison; Kimberly seeks a career change after her encounter with Vic; Richard assuages Jo.

Vic: Page Moseley. Nicholas Diamond: Morgan Stevens. Lt. Carrie Schacter: Marabina Jaimes. Lt. Panza: Carlos Macamara.

110 MP-414 12/04/95 12/02/95 11/17/95 2395107 Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Legal matter beleaguer Alison, who is interrogated by the polive; Kimberly returns to the hospital and offers professional counsel to Sydney; the local FBI welcomes Bobby, who makes peace with Amanda and Peter; Matt makes friends with an injured actor (Lonnie Schuyler); Richard alters his plans for Jane.

Det. Smith: Robert Gossett. Agent: Maury Ginsberg. Bobby: John Enos.

111 MP-415 12/11/95 12/09/95 11/30/95 2395108 Oy! To The World
Billy rescues Alison, but lies to Brooke about the details; Sydney chairs the hospital's Christmas party at Bobby's house, but inadvertently sabotages her plan to make Michael shine at the event; Matt gets closer to Alan (Lonnie Schuyler); Alison moves back to Melrose Place; and the FBI visits Amanda regarding Bobby (John Enos III).
112 [MP-416] 1/01/96 12/30/95 12/12/95 2395109 Holy Strokes
Sydney confesses her wrongdoing to Kimberly, while Jane blames Richard and Jo for the incident; Brooke schemes to secure her inheritance and keep the truth from Billy; Alison rounds out a New Year's gathering of Bobby, Amanda and Peter (who faces a malpractice suit); Matt considers asking Alan (Lonnie Schuyler) to move in with him.
113 [MP-417] 1/08/96 1/06/96 12/14/95 2395110 The Brooke Stops Here
Sydney deflects suspicion that she caused Jane's calamity; Billy rejects consolation from Alison; Richard (Patrick Muldoon) interviews designers to replace Jane; Jake's creditor asks a favor; Kimberly spills Matt's history to Alan (Lonnie Schuyler); and Peter declares Amanda off limits to Bobby (John Enos III).

Monty: Danny Darst. Det. Klein: Jack Andreozzi.

114 [MP-418] 1/15/96 1/13/96 12/15/95 2395111 Sydney, Bothered And Bewildered
Amanda breaks up with Peter; Jo confronts Richard about her discovery in his office; Sydney schemes to rid herself of Jane and bring Michael home; Brooke disdains Alison's support; Peter and Jake meet separately with Bobby's attorney (Anne-Marie Johnson), who once defended Matt.

Kingston: Dennis Bailey.. Dr. Barth: Michael D'Amore.

115 [MP-419] 1/22/96 1/20/96 1/10/96 2395112 The Bobby Trap
Bobby hears from his father (David Groh) regarding unfinished business with Amanda; Peter makes an overture to Alycia (Ann-Marie Johnson); Brooker and Billy see a marriage counselor; Dr. Mancini tends to a worn-out Dr. Shaw; peace is proposed among Richard, Jane and Jo.

John Marshall: John O'Hurley. David Erikson: Rob Youngblood. Gloria: Belita Moreno.

2/05/96 [2/03/96] [unknown] 2395113 No Lifeguard On Duty
Financial difficulties plague both Bobby and Brooke; Kimberly is contacted by her old foe Vic (Page Moseley); Jane sets up shop in Jake's garage; Peter recruits Sydney to break up Bobby and Amanda; Alison lobbies for compassion for Brooke; and Matt is disturbed by Alan's insistance on a straight public persona for career reasons.

Alycia: Anne-Marie Johnson. Bobby: John Enos III.

[2 hrs]

118 [MP-422] 2/12/96 2/10/96 2/09/96 2395114 Devil In A Wet Dress
Matt is warned that Alan's producer (Benita Moreno) may try to break them up; Jane wins a new client over Richard; Kimberly relocates again; Billy still can;t seem to shake Brooke; Alycia, Peter, Amanda and Bobby make a tense dinner foresome.

Valerie: Jeri Lynn Ryan. Alycia: Anne-Marie Johnson.

119 [MP-423] 2/19/96 2/17/96 2/16/96 2395115 The Circle Of Strife
Sydney retaliates after Michael fires her at Kimberly's request; Alison suspects a personal motive behind Billy's new aggressiveness at work; Jo helps Jane behind Richard's back; Peter lies to Alycia (Anne-Marie Johnson) to cover his real interest in Bibby.

Madge: Kathleen Freeman. Mabel: Juliana McCarthy. Senator Wilcox: James Ingersoll. Interviewer: Elizabeth Storm. Stefani: Frederika Kesten.

120 [MP-424] 2/26/96 2/24/96 2/23/96 2395116 Run, Billy, Run
Peter's damsel cataches him playing white knight when their plan against Bobby puts Amanda in distress; Billy infiltrates the enemy camp in order to win a major new account; Jane gains a measure of revenge for the designs Richard stole from her.

Evie Wainbridge: Yvette Nipar. Chandler: David Naughton. Don Pierce: Todd Waring. Alycia: Anne-Marie Johnson.

121 [MP-425] 3/04/96 3/02/96 2/27/96 2395117 Ruthless People
Richard blames Jo for the fashion-show mishap; Alison refuses to stoop to Billy's level and jump in the mud-literally-to land a new client (Hans Tester); Matt is troubled by Alan's wedding.

Phil Ross: Ed Power. Sharon Ross: Pat Crowley. Valerie: Jeri Lynn Ryan.

122 [MP-426] 3/11/96 3/09/96 3/05/96 2395118 The Burning Sofa
Sydney comes to Bobby's rescue; Peter supplies what Alycia demands in order for him to escape from her control; Jake becomes suspicious of Jane's new connection with Richard; Kimberly consults with Peter about her personality problem.

Claire: Teresa Hill. Lief: Hans Tester. David: Rob Youngblood.

123 [MP-427] 3/18/96 3/16/96 3/12/96 2395119 Triumph Of The Bill
Amanda ignores orders and assigns a keynote speech to Alison instead of Billy, who steals client Julie Newmar (appearing as herself) from another agency. Meanwhile, Kimberly exhibits another personality; Bobby finds a new career and new digs.
124 [MP-428] 4/01/96 3/30/96 3/23/96 2395120 What Goes Up, Must Come Down
At Kimberly's request, Peter takes Michael on a getaway, where both are pursued by wanton women wanting favors; Jo babysits the son of Sydney's friend (Juastine Priestley); Billy helps Amanda get what she wants at D&D.

Teri Carson: Loni Anderson. Bransi Carson: Denise Richards. Tyler: Robert Bishop.

125 [MP-429] 4/15/96 4/13/96 4/02/96 2395121 True Fibs
Peter rejects the idea of offering Teri (Loni Anderson) a financial settlement; Richard and Jane take a business trip to New York; Jo consults an expert (Brad Johnson) regarding Tyler; Bobby doesn't invest in an old pal's movie, but Sydney does.
126 [MP-430] 4/29/96 4/27/96 4/13/96 2395122 Melrose Unglued
Amanda solves Peter's problem with Teri (Loni Anderson); Michael confesses his infidelity to Kimberly, who throws him out; Jane tells Alison about the incident in New York; Sydney learns who was behind Bobby's cablebusiness fiasco; Dr. O'Malley (Brad Johnson) requests a meeting with Jo.

Jimmy: Richard Steinmetz.

127 [MP-431] 5/06/96 5/04/96 4/23/96 2395123 Peter's Excellent Adventure
Jane sees a prosecutor (Donna Bullock) refarding Richard; Amanda and Michael search for Peter after he misses his appointment with the police; O'Malley's comment abouot single mothers angers Jo.

Nurse Benson: Priscilla Presley. Dr. Tucker: Andrew Prine. Louie: Leland Crooke.

128 [MP-432] 5/15/96 5/11/96 4/27/96 2395124 Full Metal Betsy
Amanda and Michael get a lead on Kimberly; Peter charms Nurse Benson (Priscilla Presley) as he plans an escape; Matt's sudden collapse drives a wedge between Jo and Dominick (Brad Johnson); Billy blows another chance with Alison; and Jane blackmails Sydney for Syd's jelp against Richard (Patrick Muldoon).

Louie: Leland Crooke. Dave: Michael Shamus Wiles.
Wednesday 9pm

5/20/96 5/18/96 5/16/96 2395125 Dead Sister's Walking
Amanda and Michael become trapped inside the institution with Peter; Jane embezzles to finance a new enterprise; Sydney takes action after she fails to dissuade Jane from her plot against Richard; Jake tries to balance his friendship with Billy and his feelings for Alison; Dominick proposes to Jo.

Samantha: Brooke Langton. Det. Wylie: Nigel Gibbs. Margo: Lydia Denier.
[2 hrs]


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