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14 9/14/10 201-14 Ocean Uncharted
THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN PORTLAND FOR SEASON TWO OF THE CW'S CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SOPHOMORE SERIES! - Cate and Ryan return from their honeymoom only to discover that major changes have been made at the radio station in their absence. A very confused Baze struggles with his feelings for Cate, and ends up hooking up with the hot new bartender, Paige, at his bar. Meanwhile, Lux and Bug find themselves at a major crossroads in their relationship. Eric, a newcomer to Portland, befriends Lux.

Paige: Arielle Kebbel. Bug: Rafi Gavron. Eric: Shaun Sipos.

15 9/21/10 202-15 Parents Unemployed
CATE AND BAZE LOOK FOR NEW JOBS - When Cateand Baze are summoned to the principal's office at Lux's school, they are shocked to learn that Lux is failing and must make a drastic improvement in her grades or risk being kicked out. Meanwhile, after having the rug pulled out from under her at work, Cate starts the difficult process of looking for her next job, and in an effort to be a grown up, Baze decides to interview for a position at his father's firm.

[woman]: Emma Caulfield.

16 9/28/10 203-16 Criminal Incriminated
LUX CONTEMPLATES CHEATING ON AN EXAM - Worried she may not pass an important exam that will help her stay in school, Lux contemplates buying the answers to the test from one of her classmates. Cate has an "interesting" day at the radio station after she accidentally eats banana bread laced with pot. Meanwhile, when a large sum of money is missing from Cate's wallet, Ryan and Cate argue over who may be responsible for taking the money.

17 10/05/10 204-17 Team Rebounded
THE HONEYMOON MAY BE OVER - In an effort to fix their hostile work relationship, Cate attempts to bond with Ryan's new on-air partner, Kelly, but the plan backfires when Kelly reveals a secret Cate has been hiding from Ryan. Meanwhile, Tasha returns to Portland unexpectedly and tells Lux that she is living with a new foster family, and Baze convinces a smitten Math to ask Paige out on a date.

Kelly Campbell: Amy Price-Francis. Tasha: Ksenia Solo. Paige Thomas: Arielle Kebbel.

18 10/12/10 205-18 Music Faced
"ONE TREE HILL" PAYS A VISIT TO "LIFE UNEXPECTED" / MUSICAL PERFORMANCES BY GRAMMY AWARD-WINNER SARAH MCLACHLAN, BEN LEE, RAIN PERRY AND "ONE TREE HILL'S" BETHANY JOY GALEOTTI AND KATE VOEGELE - This crossover episode of "Life Unexpected" brings "One Tree Hill" characters Haley and Mia to a music festival, sponsored by a Portland radio station and hosted by Ryan. At the concert, Haley and Cate meet and discover that they have incredibly similar pasts. It turns out that both women were somewhat nerdy, overachieving teenagers who got pregnant in high school by athletes named Nate (or Nathan). And when a secret of Cate's gets outed, Cate turns to Haley for advice. Additionally, in the episode, Grammy-Award winner Sarah McLachlan performs her new single "Forgiveness." Additional musical performances include "One Tree Hill" series star Galeotti and recurring guest star Voegele, along with Ben Lee and Rain Perry (singer/songwriter of the "Life Unexpected" theme song).

Haley James Scott: Bethany Joy Galeotti. Mia Catalano: Kate Voegele.

19 10/19/10 206-19 Honeymoon Interrupted
CATE AND RYAN GO ON A STAYCATION - Cate and Ryan go on a staycation to a local hotel to help make up for the fact that they never had a proper honeymoon. Unfortunately for them, Baze's work retreat is at the same hotel.

20 11/02/10 207-20 Camp Grounded
WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG ON A SCHOOL CAMPING TRIP? - Cate, Baze, Ryan and Math volunteer to be chaperones on Lux's school camping trip.

21 11/09/10 208-21 Plumber Cracked
CATE ATTEMPTS TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT RYAN'S PAST FROM HIS SISTER - Cate takes Paige out drinking, hoping Paige will reveal more information about the mysterious woman, Julia, from Ryan's past. Ryan joins Baze, Math and Jamie for guys' night out.

Paige Thomas: Arielle Kebbel. Jamie: Reggie Austin. : .

22 11/16/10 209-22 Homecoming Crashed
EMMA CAULFIELD ("BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER") AND KRISTA ALLEN ("PARENTHOOD") GUEST STAR - Baze and Emma attempt to sign a high-profile client, Candy, who only has eyes for Baze. Lux goes to her homecoming dance hoping to see Eric but the evening takes an ugly turn for the worse. Cate explores Lux's past and is shocked at what she discovers.

Emma: Emma Caulfield. Candy: Krista Allen. Eric: Shaun Sipos. : .

23 11/30/10 210-23 Thanks Ungiven
IT'S THANKSGIVING IN PORTLAND! - When everyone ends up at Baze's loft for Thanksgiving, it isn't long before a few big secrets are exposed. Baze worries that his father, Jack, will discover he is dating his boss, Emma; Lux worries that her parents will find out she is spending time with Eric; Tasha worries that something very dark from her not-too-distant past will be discovered; and Cate worries that if she tells Ryan the truth it will further complicate their already complicated relationship.

Emma: Emma Caulfield. Eric: Shaun Sipos. Jack: Robin Thomas. Tasha: Ksenia Solo.

24 12/07/10 211-24 Stand Taken
LUX AND TASHA'S FRIENDSHIP IS PUT TO THE TEST - Lux and Tasha are forced to deal with the fallout of their recent actions and the potential outcome could change the course of both their lives. As a result, Lux can no longer hide her past from Cate and Baze.

Tasha: Ksenia Solo. : .

1/18/11 212-25
Teacher Schooled
Affair Remembered
TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE - Baze considers buying a house and planning a future with Emma, not realizing the devastating secret she is hiding about her romantic past with his father. Sensing that Eric is once again pulling away from their relationship, Lux plans a romantic dinner for the two of them, but is surprised when Baze and Cate show up at the door.

Emma: Emma Caulfield. Eric: Shaun Sipos. : .


The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The CW. The show's production number prefix is 011-40453. The full production number for episode one is 011-40453-100-01.

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