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Season One Quick Reference Guide

# Air
1 9/19/05 475279 Pilot
DON JOHNSON AND JAY BARUCHEL STAR IN A NEW LEGAL DRAMA FROM JERRY BRUCKHEIMER - When David "Skip" Ross, a 19-year-old brilliant legal prodigy, can't land a job at any of the prestigious Los Angeles law firms because he's too young, he ends up working for Grant Cooper, a washed-up court-appointed attorney based in Venice, California. Although Cooper is a functioning alcoholic with a cynical view of the world, Skip never loses his dreams of becoming a great trial lawyer. As they work their way through the legal system, defending the accused and crusading for the unjustly wronged, Cooper teaches Skip to be a lawyer and a man, while Skip renews Cooper's faith in the law and himself.

2 9/26/05 2T7001 The Runner
WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME - Cooper and Skip defend a young African-American man (guest star Jocko Sims) who has been wrongly accused of robbery and murder because of his race and the fact that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Skip uses a tactic he learned in law school to show that a witness cannot distinguish the defendant's photo from those of other black men, the prosecution presents a witness that catches them off guard. Meanwhile, Cooper gives manslaughter convict Dulcinea "Dee" Real a job as his receptionist to fulfill her parole agreement and Skip runs into his law school crush, Kate Manat, who is now working for the powerful law firm that wouldn't hire him.

Dulcinea "Dee" Real: Jaime Lee Kirchner. Kate Manat: Susan Ward.

3 10/03/05 2T7002 The Limit
THE PRICE OF BEAUTY - When Cooper and Skip take on a client who has been paralyzed by her plastic surgeon, Cooper hopes to settle the malpractice suit out of court believing that they'll get a large settlement. When they learn that the opposing counsel has secured costly expert witnesses, pages of discovery documents and has damaging testimony on their client, Skip enlists the help from his friend Kate, who works for the defense's firm.

Kate Manat: Susan Ward.

4 8/13/06 2T7003 The Body in the Trunk
THE STREET LAWYERS - Cooper and Skip defend a young realtor who's been accused of murdering a woman found in the trunk of his car. Even after finding solid evidence that suggests their client is innocent, the stubborn district attorney refuses to free the accused from jail where he has been violently attacked.

5 8/20/06 2T7004 The Heater
TO SETTLE OR NOT TO SETTLE - When Cooper goes after a high profile case involving a man accused of murdering his wife, he explains to Skip that this is the sort of case that could garner them a lot of media attention with the prospect of future clients. After Cooper unethically guarantees an acquittal to the accused Joe Chase and Skip offers to represent him for free, Chase decides to hire Cooper and Skip instead of one of the more powerful law firms. Cooper and Skip find themselves in a difficult predicament though, after some not-so-flattering facts about their client come to light.

Joe Chase: Dax Griffin.

6 8/27/06 2T7005 The Rainmaker
When Dee's friend, Susan Palavi, accuses Jared Kale of raping her, Skip tries to persuade a reluctant Cooper to help get justice for Susan, despite the fact that he is a defense attorney. There are numerous facts weakening Susan's case: She is Muslim and out of shame did not immediately report the crime; no one witnessed the incident; she previously had consensual sex with Jared when they were dating; she is friends with Dee, a paroled convict; and Jared's parents are very rich and respected in the community. But after Skip struggles to prepare a case by himself, hoping to get a civil trial and then prompt criminal charges to be filed, Cooper gets tangled in the situation as well. To Skip's dismay, his ambitious friend Kate has landed the case for her high-powered law firm, and they're suing Cooper's firm for libel. However, Skip cleverly gets Jared to mention a previous rape charge against him during his deposition, and Jared's parents, disgusted to realize they've been protecting Jared while he commits crimes, agree to pay a settlement, drop their libel case and allow Jared to be charged.

7 9/03/06 2T7006 The Code
In the middle of a murder case, Skip and Cooper are shocked to discover that their pitiable, seemingly mentally incapacitated client, Claude Osteen, is in fact a brilliant, extremely manipulative faker--who is clearly guilty of this killing and several others. Skip is disillusioned, but he and Cooper are legally bound to do their best to defend Claude and not reveal his true nature because of attorney-client privilege. Meanwhile, Kate aggressively tries to persuade Skip to join the law firm where she works, and he is very tempted. At least at a major firm, he could choose not to personally defend a client he knows is guilty. Ultimately, Cooper saves Skip from compromising his ideals and risking his career. Begrudgingly, Cooper delivers a convincing closing argument and wins the case. But as Claude exits the courthouse, he is arrested for a prior murder. Skip chooses not to question the enigmatic Cooper on exactly how the police acquired their evidence.

8 9/10/06 2T7007 The Bar
When a Filipino illegal immigrant, Jesus Lima, who speaks no English, is arrested for murdering a waitress, Cooper arrives at the murder scene but ends up being arrested himself after he strikes the man to make him stop incriminating himself to a manipulative Filipino police officer. Disillusioned with her menial law clerk job, Kate successfully defends Cooper, but she unfortunately allows a devious assistant district attorney, Leeza Lynch, to exploit a loophole that threatens Cooper's defense of Lima. Following clues, Skip eventually helps Cooper prove that another bar patron, who signed a bargain with Lynch in exchange for implicating Lima, actually committed the murder to steal the waitress' lottery winnings.

2T7008 The Bond
Not Aired - No Info Available

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

All shows aired Monday at 9:00pm ET/PT.

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