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Main Cast
Cliff Wiatt
Johnny Miller
Greta Matthews
Tess Wiatt
Bob Hardy
Karen Hardy
Liza Witter
Nikki Barnes
      Michael Cassidy
Taylor Handley
Amber Heard
Sharon Lawrence
D.W. Moffett
Gail O'Grady
Ellary Porterfield
Tessa Thompson
      DOB: 03/20/83
DOB: 06/01/84
DOB: 04/22/86
DOB: 06/29/61
DOB: 10/26/54
DOB: 01/23/63
DOB: 06/05/89
DOB: 10/03/83 [102-]

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# Air
1 5/30/07 101 Pilot
THE HEAT MAKES EVERYONE CRAZY - Johnny Hardy was a happy, well-adjusted teenager with good grades and a roomful of sports trophies until the terrible night a year ago that his father committed suicide and shattered Johnny's world. Now, fresh out of rehab for alcohol abuse, Johnny has relocated to Palm Springs with his mother Karen and new stepfather Bob. The neighborhood teens include the beautiful and mysterious Greta, the awkward but brilliant Liza and the secretive Cliff who reveals that Greta's last boyfriend, Eddie, recently died.

[unknown]: Tim Dekay. Helen Witter: Cheryl White. George Witter: Kevin Kilner. [unknown]: Lamont Thompson. Blair Meadows: Nicole Bilderback. [unknown]: Dana Davis. Jesse Jo: Leslie Jordan.

2 6/06/07 102 Ghosts
JOHNNY'S OLD GIRLFRIEND SHOWS UP IN PALM SPRINGS - While Johnny is trying hard to win the heart of Greta, Nikki, a beautiful girl Johnny dated when they were in rehab together, comes to Palm Springs. At a country club fundraiser, Nikki gets drunk and causes a scene, ruining Johnny's first date with Greta but catching Cliff's eye. Cliff dislikes Tess's latest boyfriend and schemes to get rid of him. Johnny learns Eddie's death was a suicide and receives a mysterious email of a video of Eddie.

Travis Dean: J.R. Cacia. Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Jesse Jo: Leslie Jordan. Singer: James Spieser. Male Speaker: Randy Messersmith.

3 6/13/07 103 Party Hardy
NIKKI THROWS A HUGE BASH AT THE HARDY HOUSEHOLD - Determined to find out who is sending him instant messages from Eddie, Johnny asks Greta questions about Eddie's death but she refuses to answer him, causing tension in their new relationship. Bob and Karen go out for a night at the country club with Tess and Travis, leaving Johnny alone to look after Nikki. However, after Johnny leaves her to mend things with Greta, a lonely Nikki calls some old friends and an impromptu party breaks out at the Hardy house, quickly escalating into to a fist fight between Johnny and Cliff.

Travis Dean: J.R. Cacia. Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Cindy: Sarah Coggin. Stoner Dude: Nathan Spector. Wasted Girl: Mikaela Blumberg. Hot Guy: Cavin Schneider.

4 6/20/07 104 What Liza Beneath [fka Palm Swings]
GRETA CONFESSES HER BIG SECRET TO JOHNNY - Frustrated over the instant messages he has been receiving from "Eddie", Johnny seeks out Eddie's mom, Maria, for answers. Cliff devises a plan to get rid of Travis, and Jesse Jo takes Nikki under his wing. Meanwhile, after running into Maria at the country club, Greta becomes consumed with guilt and confesses to Johnny that on the night he died, Eddie discovered she had slept with Cliff.

Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Maria Nolan: Valerie Cruz. Travis Dean: J.R. Cacia. Jesse Jo: Leslie Jordan.

5 6/20/07 105 Mulligan
LIZA BELIEVES GRETA AND CLIFF KILLED EDDIE - Liza tells Johnny she saw Greta and Cliff fleeing from Eddie's house the night he died. Believing they killed Eddie, Liza decides to break into Cliff's house to find proof. Meanwhile, Greta's father Skip returns to town and immediately begins flirting with both Tess and Karen.

Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Alan 'Skip' Matthews: Kyle Secor.

6 6/27/07 106 Dangerous Liaisons
NIKKI CATCHES CLIFF KISSING ANOTHER WOMAN - Johnny confronts Greta about the bloody angel costume Liza found in Cliff's room. Greta confesses she and Cliff found Eddie's body in his room then fled but not for the reasons Johnny thinks. Meanwhile, at Tess's birthday bash, Nikki catches Cliff kissing Mrs. Nolan and dumps him.

Maria Nolan: Valerie Cruz. Alan 'Skip' Matthews: Kyle Secor. Steve: Johann Urb. Monica Ellis: Kristi Clainos.

7 6/27/07 107 Stand By Your Woman
CLIFF'S AFFAIR WITH MARIA NOLAN SHAKES UP THE TOWN - Johnny tells Greta and Liza about Cliff's affair with Maria Nolan, causing them all to conclude that Cliff had a motive to kill Eddie. However, after Johnny finds a video of Liza and Eddie kissing, he decides he can't trust anyone. Meanwhile, Cliff tries to win Nikki back while fending off Maria's advances. Tess and Skip continue their courting dance.

Maria Nolan: Valerie Cruz. Alan 'Skip' Matthews: Kyle Secor. Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Jesse Jo: Leslie Jordan. McDrag Queen: Kevin McSweeny. Roy Mason: Mike Fornelli. Drag Queen: Damon Dering.

8 7/04/07 108 Second Chances
THE KILLER IS REVEALED - Convinced that Maria is guilty of killing her son, Johnny asks Cliff to help retrieve incriminating evidence he believes is on Eddie's laptop. Cliff fakes reconciliation with Maria to get inside her house but she kicks him out when he gets too close to the computer. Determined to find evidence against Maria, Liza breaks into her house and is stunned by what she finds.

Maria Nolan: Valerie Cruz. Eddie: J.D. Pardo. Alan 'Skip' Matthews: Kyle Secor. Jesse Jo: Leslie Jordan. Parker: Bri Marie Acsani. Mindy: Marissa Leigh Dubowy.


The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The CW.

All shows aired Wednesday at 8:00pm ET/PT, except where noted.

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