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Main Cast
Frank Taylor
Marcus Bradshaw
Jessica Manning
Simon Dunn
      Matthew Fox
Russell Hornsby
Lynn Collins
Michael Irby
John Mann
      DOB: 07/14/66
DOB: 00/00/00
DOB: 00/00/00
DOB: 00/00/00
DOB: 00/00/00


Episode Photos

# Air
1 9/24/02 [unknown] 001 Pilot
Debut: Matthew Fox (Party of Five) stars in this paranormal series about a cop-turned-PI who receives help from an unlikely source: the dead.

The bleak opener finds Frank Taylor tormented by his young son's abduction two years earlier, which led to the shattering of his marriage. The detective's current case---locating another kidnapped child---is derailed when a suspect dies in an encounter that nearly kills Frank as well. When he returns to the case, Frank begins having supernatural visions that seem to be leading him to the child. He also gets support from sources more grounded: his former partner, Marcus, and his ex-wife, Jessica, an assistant DA.

Susan Mason: Nancy Sorel. Nurse: Sharon Brathwaite.

2 10/01/02 [unknown] 003 Grievous Angels
Private investigator Frank Taylor is hired to find a teenage girl last seen with clubmongers in the city's secret hang outs for musicians and with help from one of the girl's friends gains acess to the exclusive LA party scene

Meanwhile, Frank tries to better understand his supernatural experience and seeks advice from his friend, Dante.

Paris: Rebekah Hoyle. Tierney: Kristina Anapau. Conor Hewitt: Josh Holland. Brian Hewitt: A.J. Buckley. Paul Kingsley: Zachary Quinto. Emily Eastway: Ilene Graff. Jim Eastway: Finn Curtin. Nichelle: Daya Vaidya. Lara: Heather Shrake. Bartender: Tobius McGlone. Coroner #1: Alec Ledd. Coroner #2: Susan Leslie.

3 10/08/02 [unknown] 002 Fidelity
Frank is hired by widower to prove his innocence and find his wife's killer..

Later, Frank discovers two other murder cases may lead him to the killer. Meanwhile, a young woman's attraction to Frank and aspiration to become a private eye leads her to danger.

Chief of Detectives Ortiz: Eduardo Garcia. Nadine Clark: Pauley Perette. Bob Price: Ken Marino. Ruby Price: Lynne Langdon. Officer Hobbs: John Colella. Warren Avery: Todd Patrick Breaugh. Clerk: Mark John Packer. Lawyer: Stan Ross. Housekeeper: Nina Diamante. Cassandra: Julene Renee. Coroner: Patrick O'Connor. Alice: Reamy Hall.

4 10/15/02 [unknown] 007 Abby
[No UPN info available.]
5 10/22/02 [unknown] 005 Blind Witness
Frank experiences unexplainable temporary blindness during his quest to discover the truth behind the death of a blind homeless man and how it may relate to the disappearance of a wealthy woman.

Once Frank realizes a ghost has taken his sight, he turns to Dante for help.

Bird Man: Ray Campbell. Nestor: Clifton Johnson. Homeless Man: Michael Wyle. Lance Channing: Alexander Martin. Brandi: Bianca Lawson. Jimmy LaMarr: Alec Ledd. Doctor: Jill Remez. Bus Driver: Derick Alexander. Reporter: Avis Wrentmore. Priest: Alldric Horton. Juan Uribe: Ben Bray.

6 10/29/02 [unknown] 006 Nocturne
Frank suddenly finds himself with the half-dead body of a stranger and has no idea how he got there or what happened.

When Frank becomes the prime suspect in the attempted murder case, Marcus and Jessica fight Internal Affairs in an attempt to keep Frank out of jail.

Angela Adams: Stephanie Wing. Stokes: Shawn Christian. Detective Faraday: Bruno Gioiello. Security Guard: Damon Standifer. Gladys Yates: Rose Abdoo. Kiko: Michael Miranda.

7 11/05/02 [unknown] 008 A Three Hour Tour
When Frank's jealousy over Jessica's new boyfriend Nick Trenton distracts his focus, he is injured in a car crash far from civilization and finds himself at the mercy of a reclusive family.

Frank soon discovers that the head of the household is trying to hide a dark secret from his own daughter and the outside world.

Elise Martin: Jessalyn Gilsig. Tim Martin: Mark Hoppus. Kathy Martin: Abagail Mavity. Nick Trenton: Eddie Cahill. Highway Patrolman: Matt Ferrucci.

8 not aired [unknown] 009 Simon Redux
When Frank digs deep into his ghostly nemesis' background, an angry Simon returns to stop his investigation and threaten Jessica.

Frank also learns a life lesson from a high-rolling gambler with a mysterious winning streak. Later, Frank discovers Simon could hold a missing link to his son's disappearance.

Irving: Billie Joe Armstrong. Nick Trenton: Eddie Cahill. Agent Hower: Alexia Robinson. Barkeep Anna: Bree Michael Warner. Priest: Daniel Betances.
Originally scheduled to air: 11/12/02

9 not aired [unknown] 011 Last Call
Frank becomes infatuated with an attractive young stranger who is desperate to resolve her haunted past, but when Frank discovers that she's a ghost seeking revenge on the man who murdered her, Frank tries to convince her that justice doesn't need to be violent.

Realizing his feelings for this ghost, Frank begins to reevaluate his relationship with Jessica. Meanwhile, Marcus and Jessica's failed attempt to throw Frank a surprise party leads them to suspect his insights into the unknown.

Ruth Livier: Julia Caulfield. Bartender: Darin Cooper. Waitress: Bree Michael Warner. Chelsea: Jennifer Austin. Hunter: Tripp Pickell. Manny: Joe Ordaz. Moe: Lonnie Colon. Ray: Richard Wharton.
Originally scheduled to air: 11/19/02


not aired [unknown] 004 Nexus
Frank is hired by his former police psychiatrist to find confidential therapy audiotapes that have been stolen, but provide evidence to heinous unresolved crimes.

Meanwhile, Frank is insanely tortured by the return of his nemesis Simon and Frank attempts to deal with the infinite presence of the villainous ghost by learning more about Simon's life.

Anna: Bree Michael Warner. Ray: Richard Wharton. Eryn Towne: Mili Avital. Peter Braddock: Scott DeFoe. Sanchez: Benjamin Benitez. Claudia Braddock: Gina Hugo Lopez. Sue Sowers: Maria+Arce. The John: P.J.+Byrne. T.J.: Milo+Weaver. Tommy: Ivan+Shaw. Greg: Washington Charles Wesley.
Originally scheduled to air: 10/08/02


not aired [unknown] 010 Seeking Asylum
Frank goes undercover as a mental patient in an asylum.


The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by UPN.

All shows aired Wednesday at 9:00pm ET, except as noted.

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