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Are You Having A Problem Downloading?

Mirror Site is Not Operational

For some reason, the mirror site is no longer accepting http connections. I have no idea how long this problem will last.

Before I answer a couple of the common questions, you need to know that there is currently a 15 user FTP limit. This means that only 15 users can download a file from the FTP area, where all of the master videos are stored.

The FTP area is the only place from which to download files for 20th Century Fox programs.

Many of the latest MPEG videos are also available on a HTTP mirror site, which currently has a limitation of 1000 users. What is not available are any videos containing material that originates from 20th Century Fox produced shows or Fox Network promos. The total bandwidth available is unlimited.

  1. When I do a FTP, why does it tell me that I need a username and password, or that the login request was denied?

    If you are getting a message on your screen that says that you need a username and password when you try and download a MPEG video file, you are probably using MicroSh!t Windoze, since it appears to not tell you the truth. There isn't anything I can do about it giving you the wrong message.

    More than likely you are getting this error because the 15 user limit has been reached. The problem is that you have to log in as anonymous before the system can determine that the 15 user limit has been reached. There is nothing you can do in this case, except to keep trying.

  2. When I try and do a download from the HTTP mirror it tells me that access is denied? Why?

    The HTTP mirror has a 1000 user limit. When that limit is reached, the access denied message is sent out, along with information that the user limit has been reached. But, some programs, like GetRight, do not display all of the message. The wget program for Unix doesn't display all of the error message either.

    So, if you get this error message, just keep trying.

  3. The download never finishes or stalls. How come?

    You are probably trying to download using MicroSh!t Windoze and IE and you left-clicked on the MPEG movie link. Bill Gates, and his minions, believe that when you left-click on a movie link, the file is supposed to be streamed to your computer. Because of that, Media Player is started and the download started. Unfortunately, MPEG movies are not streamable. You have to download them first to your computer's hard drive and then play them. For both IE and Netscape, you have to right-click on the link and do a "Save As..." option. If you are on a Mac, click and hold to get the option. Unix users also should right-click Netscape.

  4. The download is slow. How come?

    Even though I have a MVDSL connection (768kbps up/640kbps down), the number of users downloading files and web pages saturates the bandwidth and causes the amount of data to an individual user to be split among all of the users. Sorry for the inconvienience.

Hints and Suggestions

If you are using MicroSh!t Windoze, use a program like Get Right to do the download for you. You can set it up so that it will continue to try until it gets the file and if for some reason the download is started and not completed, it will attempt continue from where it left off when it tries again (instead of starting the download over).

If you are using Unix/Linux, use wget.

If you are using a Mac, get Download Deputy. Supported protocals are HTTP, HTTP (secured/encrypted), and FTP. The unregistered version batches up to four downloads and picks up where it left off. It can also fetch URLs from Netscape and IE bookmark files. It can also schedule the downloads, terminate the PPP connection when finished and shutdown the machine.


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