"Psychic Friends"

Dawson has a nightmare in which Jack McPhee writes and directs a movie, gets engaged to Joey, and is offered a job offer from Steven Spielberg that will take him to Hollywood. Horrified beyond belief, Dawson wakes up screaming.

At school the next morning, Dawson impresses his new film teacher, Miss Kennedy, with his insights into the art. After class, Dawson tells Jen that Miss Kennedy is in town because she's taking a sabbatical to write a screenplay for Columbia Tristar. Dawson runs into his dad, Mitch, who recently started English class at Capeside High. In an empty classroom, Dawson tells Mitch about his determination to achieve his dream of becoming a filmmaker. At lunch, Joey tries to get Jack into the act of rating the guys who pass by the lunch counter. Jack, however, isn't quite ready to take his new sexual identity that far yet. Later, Andie begs Pacey to work the Captain Skippy booth at the town fair. While Pacey considers it, Andie mentions her anticipation for the fair's fortune teller, whom she hopes will bring good news of her future.

While Jack and Joey set up the photography and art booth at the fair, Jack notices Joey's odd silence. After some pushing, Joey admits that she misses the kissing that goes along with a romantic relationship. Jack tries to assure her that she'll get another kiss from someone soon. Dawson stops by the booth to say hi, but he turns down a request to help with the set-up, explaining that he's helping Miss Kennedy with preparations for the silent film exhibit. After Dawson leaves, Joey tells Jack how she misses her old friendship with Dawson. Hoping to cheer her up, Jack talks Joey into checking out Madame Zenovich's tent for a look into her future. Using a crystal ball, Madame Zenovich initially appears to be nothing more than another con artist. However, some of her words strike a chord with Joey. The fortune teller advises Joey to say yes to any upcoming opportunity, then adds that a tall, dark stranger will be entering her life very soon. Upon returning to the art booth, they find a photographer admiring some of Joey's work. He introduces himself as Colin Manchester. Although he shows some interest in Joey, she doesn't come up with much to say to Colin. Jack urges her to follow the fortune teller's advice and take a chance with Colin.

Jen assists Grams with operating the crafts booth at the fair. Jen notices an old man in a neighboring booth who keeps looking over at Grams. He walks over and refreshes Grams' memory, telling her that he's Whit Hubley, a high school classmate of hers. Whit asks her to join him for dinner later that night, but Grams politely refuses. Jen urges her to accept the next time he asks. When Whit does, Grams takes him up on the offer. Before he leaves, Whit gives a flower to Grams, nearly causing her to cry. She explains to Jen that she thought this part of her life was long behind her. Jen offers to give Grams a makeover for the big date. Meanwhile, Dawson finds out that Miss Kennedy already knows about the movie he made. She asks to see it, but Dawson refuses, afraid that she would criticize his amateur film. After giving it some thought, Dawson eventually offers Miss Kennedy a showing of his movie. At the Captain Skippy booth, Pacey's less-than-stellar ventriloquist technique fails to entertain the bored children. Elsewhere, Joey finds Colin, who offers to buy her a drink. As they sit down to talk, Colin repeatedly compliments Joey on her natural beauty. He asks for Joey's permission to photograph her, to which she accepts.

Against Pacey's advice, Andie enters Madame Zenovich's tent to learn her future. Unfortunately, the fortune teller has only bad news for her. Pacey sees Andie walking out of the tent, looking distraught. He tries to find out what the fortune teller told her, but Andie won't say. Pacey goes to Madame Zenovich and asks her why she can't simply give good news to her customers. The fortune teller explains that people want the truth. She then tells Pacey what she sees in him. Her words ring truer than Pacey would like. When Joey tells Jack that she agreed to Colin's photo session, Jack decides to accompany her to the shoot in case Colin turns out to be less than friendly. Once they arrive there, Jack helps Joey pick out a wide variety of outfits to wear for the photo shoot. Under Jack and Colin's encouragement, Joey loosens up and enjoys her modeling stint. After the last shot, Joey signals Jack to leave in hopes that she can get that kiss from Colin. However, Colin reveals to Joey that he's more interested in whether or not Jack is single. Joey returns to the art booth and tells Jack that she arranged a meeting between him and Colin. Jack is outraged by Joey's assumption that he would be willing to go out with Colin. Meanwhile, Jen takes nearly twenty years off of Grams with the help of some make-up and hair-styling. However, Jen later finds Grams sitting alone. Grams explains that Whit had to cancel on account of his wife feeling ill. Jen apologizes for pushing her into accepting the dinner offer, but Grams rejects the apology. Instead, she thanks her granddaughter for helping her realize that her social life isn't over just yet.

Andie finally opens up to Pacey about her visit with the fortune teller. According to Madame Zenovich, Andie's troubles are far from over. Pacey comforts Andie with a more positive prediction of her future. Jack, meanwhile, apologizes to Joey for blowing up at her earlier. Joey admits that she had no right to try and set Jack up with Colin. In the theater, after Creek Days ends, Dawson asks Miss Kennedy for her honest review. Reluctantly, Miss Kennedy crushes Dawson's filmmaking hopes by criticizing every single aspect of his movie. She tells Dawson that he has to be ready for the harsh realities of Hollywood. Outside, Dawson watches Miss Kennedy get into Mitch's car as they head out. He also sees Jack congratulating Joey on a successful sale. Feeling lonelier than ever, Dawson turns to Madame Zenovich. What she tells Dawson can only be in reference to his relationship with Joey. The fortune teller assures him that their relationship will eventually become closer again. Dawson turns to grab his wallet and fish out five dollars, but when he turns back, Madame Zenovich is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Joey breaks the news to Colin about Jack's decision to decline. Colin understands, and he proceeds to tell a story to Joey about how he recently broke up with somebody. Colin's story is all too familiar to Joey, who virtually went through the exact same sequence of events with Dawson.

Back at home, Dawson can't get Miss Kennedy's critique out of his mind. He looks at the miniature town of Creekside that Jack built. Without a second thought, Dawson shoves the miniature houses off of the table. Outside, Joey approaches Dawson's house, still thinking about her last conversation with Colin. Inside the house, Dawson stares at a framed picture Joey, then picks up the phone and calls her house. He has no idea that Joey is standing outside of house, and thus can't answer the phone. After hanging up, Dawson turns the lights off, leading Joey to believe that he's gone to sleep. She rows her boat back across the creek and towards home. As Joey approaches the house, she sees a tall, dark stranger standing on her porch. When Joey calls out to the man, he turns around, revealing himself to be not a stranger... but her father.

Written by Dana Baratta
Directed by Patrick Norris
Originally Aired Wednesday, March 10, 1999 8pm/7pm C
The WB Television Network

Synopsis Written By Alan Hufana