"...That is The Question"

Nearing the end of his suspension, Pacey holes himself up in Dawson's bedroom, watching Jerry Maguire over and over. After Dawson delivers Pacey's latest homework assignments, he advises Pacey to call and apologize to Andie, whom he hasn't spoken to since that night on the docks.

At Capeside High, Jen invites Dawson to join her and Ty for a night at the club. Dawson extends the same invitation to Joey, but she turns it down. Dawson then suggests that Joey arrange a romantic evening to spend with Jack. Back in class, Pacey gets his graded poetry assignment back from Mr. Peterson. Unfortunately, that grade is none other than an "F". At lunch, Pacey shows his grade to Dawson while watching Andie, who is sitting at a table by herself. Joey informs Jack that she'll be cooking a dinner just for the two of them. After deliberating for a while, Pacey joins Andie at her table. However, both Pacey and Andie expect apologies from each other. With the argument going nowhere, Andie gets up and leaves the cafeteria. Jack catches up with her outside, where they learn that they have both been called down to Mr. Milo's office. Waiting in the office is Jack and Andie's long-gone father. Andie embraces him immediately, but Jack keeps his distance. Jack calls Joey to cancel their dinner plans, seeing how his father has arranged for a dinner of their own. After hanging up, Joey decides to make the best of her night and takes Dawson up on his offer. At the club, Ty surprises Jen again by joining the blues band on the piano for a set. While Jen, Dawson, and Joey watch and listen, they share a few laughs over their less-than-ideal romantic situations. Later, during a slow dance, Joey admits that she doesn't know Jack half as much as she knows Dawson, including the ability to read the other's eyes. As they continue their dance, Ty expresses his confusion over Joey's relationship with Jack. Jen listens in shock as Ty rips the entire homosexual way of life. After they leave the club, Ty hangs around Jen's house for a bite to eat. Jen and Ty continue their debate over the morality of homosexuality, which Grams overhears while washing the dishes. Having heard enough, Grams aids her granddaughter in shutting Ty up and teaching him what's best for Jack at this moment.

Meanwhile, Mr. McPhee treats his children to dinner at an elegant restaurant. Andie rambles on and on about what's been going on in her life since their father left, but Jack keeps quiet throughout the dinner. Finally, Mr. McPhee asks Jack if there's any truth to the rumor that he's gay. Instead of answering the question, Jack asks his dad if his being gay would be a problem. Without hesitating, Mr. McPhee tells Jack that the last thing their family needs is another problem. After dinner, Andie talks to Jack in her bedroom about how she needs their father to stay and make everything in their family right again. Jack disagrees, knowing full well that their father has no intentions of staying.

The next morning, Mr. McPhee packs up and starts to head back to Providence. Andie tries to convince him to stay a little longer, but Jack tells his dad to forget about coming back. Angered by his son's insolence, Mr. McPhee opens to door to leave. However, Jack slams the door shut, demanding his father to ask him again if he's gay. As Andie and her dad listen, Jack confesses that he's been lying to himself about his sexual orientation for years. Knowing that his father would count on him to carry on the family name after Tim died, Jack tried to bury the truth about himself. Unable to keep it locked inside any longer, Jack breaks down into tears. As Andie cries and tries to comfort her brother, Mr. McPhee orders his children to stop their crying. Furious, Andie repeats her brother's request, telling their father to leave and never come back. Afterwards, at school, Jack finds Joey and makes plans to have their dinner later that night. Ty charms Jen into continuing their relationship by admitting his own flaws. Pacey, meanwhile, finally apologizes to Andie. After Andie accepts and delivers her own apology, she happily kisses Pacey.

Joey has just finished lighting the candles when Jack arrives. Before Joey starts to set up the food, Jack sits her down and tells her the truth about the poem and himself. Not wanting to lose her as a friend, Jack reaches out and holds Joey's hand while she tries to process everything she's just been told. Later, Joey climbs up the ladder and crawls into Dawson's bedroom. Without saying a word, Joey collapses onto Dawson's chest and lets her tears flow. Dawson can only lie there and keep his best friend company when she needs it the most.

Written by Kevin Williamson & Greg Berlanti
Directed by Greg Prange
Originally Aired Wednesday, February 17, 1999 8pm/7pm C
The WB Television Network

Synopsis Written By Alan Hufana