"His Leading Lady"

For the first time since their break-up, Dawson and Joey cap off a night of movies in his bedroom. Still feeling a little uncomfortable with the whole situation, Joey gets up to leave. Dawson stops her to ask for some help on casting the role of Sammy in his movie. Joey is surprised that Dawson is so at ease with her being around. Dawson confirms the fact that he's finally gotten over her.

While doing some research for his movie at the college library, Dawson stops by Joey's art class and pays her a visit. He walks into the room to give her the latest draft of the script, not even noticing the nude female model in the middle of the room. After he does, the art teacher asks Dawson to leave. Later, Dawson meets the same model in the library. She introduces herself as Devon, a drama major at the college. Dawson gives her a copy of his script and asks if she'd read for the part of Sammy. Intrigued by Dawson's credentials, Devon accepts. Meanwhile, Jen's grandmother introduces her to a guy by the name of Tyson Hicks -- Ty, for short. Ty has been recruited by Grams to work on the movie crew. At the McPhee house, Andie takes the last of her anti-depressant pills and then tosses the empty bottle into the garbage can. After she steps out of the bathroom, Pacey goes in and comes across the bottle. He asks Dawson about it later, but the only advice that Pacey gets is to stay out of it and concentrate on making Andie happy instead. Later that night, Devon finds Dawson and gives her honest review of the script. Put off by her criticisms, Dawson tells Devon that he's no longer interested in auditioning her for the part. Devon fires back, warning Dawson that he'll never get very far with this attitude towards constructive criticism. Dawson eases up and lets her read a scene. Devon delivers the most flawless interpretation of Sammy's character to date, finally bringing Dawson's casting call to an end.

The next day at the Ice House, Jack tells Joey that he'll be joining her on the movie set, seeing how Jen talked him into joining the understaffed crew. Surprised by this news, Joey walks over to serve the latest customer: Devon. As Joey tries to take her order, she notices how Devon constantly mimics her every mannerism. Pacey, meanwhile, confronts Andie about the empty pill bottle. She tells him the truth, adding that she won't be getting any more refills. Andie's doctor has recommended therapy to replace the medication, a notion that Pacey agrees with. However, Andie insists that she can take care of herself. Later, Chris and Devon rehearse a scene, while Jen reads in place of the tardy Abby. During the rehearsal, Joey walks by and immediately recognizes Devon from the strange meeting at the restaurant. Dawson introduces them to each other before giving Chris a little advice on his delivery. Devon explains to Joey that she knows who the character of Sammy is based on. Devon wants to study the source of Dawson's inspiration in order to get more in touch with the character.

Principal shooting on Creek Times begins the next day. The crew encounters several difficulties with the first shot, forcing Dawson to call an early break. While everybody tries to settle into his or her job, Ty flirts with Jen, who then talks him into going out with her at the end of the day. Elsewhere, Jack expresses a little surprise with Joey's acceptance of Dawson's autobiographical film. Soon enough, shooting resumes at a much more effective pace. Between takes, Devon takes notes on Joey various behaviors and then implements them in her performance. One of the scenes proves to be particularly problematic for Chris and Devon. Chris doesn't buy the fact that his character, Wade, would react so somberly to his girlfriend kissing another guy. Devon doesn't see where Sammy's anger is coming from. Keeping his eyes on Joey, Dawson describes the emotions that each character feels. Unsatisfied, Devon goes straight to the source. By calling Joey's relationship with Jack into question, Devon succeeds in getting a first-hand demonstration of Joey's anger. A missing prop sends Andie into a frenzy. When Pacey tries to calm her down, Andie identifies him as the only aspect of her life that she can live without. Outside, Chris and Devon stun Dawson with their best performances yet. Dawson's enthusiasm is soon shut down, however, by an upset Joey. She rips him for being able to let go so easily and put his life on film. Dawson comes out with the truth, telling Joey that he never let go.

With the first day of shooting finally over, Jen receives nothing but high praise from her grandmother for her hard work as producer. Afterwards, Jen goes out with Ty, who takes her to a bible study without telling her beforehand. Dawson finds Pacey alone in the school hallways. Dawson advises his friend to simply let Andie go, but Pacey is not ready to give up on such an important figure in his life. When Andie shuts the door on him, Pacey climbs up to her second-story bedroom window. Once inside, Pacey convinces Andie to let him back into her life, for he loves her too much to turn away now. Meanwhile, Dawson congratulates Chris and Devon again on a great first day of shooting. Before they take off, Devon has some compliments of her own, recognizing Dawson's impressive potential as a director. After they leave, Joey finds Dawson and apologizes for the earlier incident. They both confess to having trouble letting each other go, but Dawson and Joey know that it's something they'll have to do eventually. When Jack arrives to leave with Joey, Dawson thanks him for helping out. They then head home, leaving Dawson alone on the set.

Written by Shelley Meals & Darin Goldberg
Directed by David Semel
Originally Aired Wednesday, February 3, 1999 8pm/7pm C
The WB Television Network

Synopsis Written By Alan Hufana