"Sex, She Wrote"

The morning after everybody's fateful encounters, Dawson gives his mystery presentation in Mr. Peterson's English class. After he finishes, Mr. Peterson chooses Abby to go next. However, Abby never did her assignment, so she makes up an excuse which does not convince Mr. Peterson. He threatens to give her an "F" for the assignment if she doesn't have it ready by the end of the week. As everybody gets up to leave, Chris notices a folded up piece of paper sitting on the floor. Written on it is a note from somebody who obviously had sex with the person to whom it was addressed.

At lunch in the cafeteria, Joey shows the finished sketch to Jack, while Dawson gives a copy of his revised script to Jen. Sex is now a part of Dawson's movie. Andie is still on an emotional high from her evening with Pacey. However, he seems distant now, refusing to show Andie what grade he got on his latest history quiz. Chris shows the note to Abby, who then decides to solve the mystery of who wrote the letter and which couple had sex for her English assignment. Among the various tactics Abby uses on the suspects is a fake petition which she hopes will allow them to match the handwriting on the letter to the hand that wrote it. Abby and Chris' interrogation techniques lead each suspect to believe the other couldn't keep his or her mouth shut and blabbed. Chris gives a copy of the revised script to Joey and comments on the raunchy alterations. This throws Joey enough to forget her sketch of Jack as she leaves the room. Chris shows the sketch to Abby, who then delivers it to Dawson.

Capeside High holds a book fair the next day, for which attendance by all of Mr. Peterson's students is mandatory. Dawson, Jen, Jack, Joey, Pacey, and Andie receive invitations to a meeting later that evening in Mr. Peterson's classroom. As soon as everybody arrives at the room, Abby appears with the note in her hand, while Chris captures everything on a camcorder. Without further ado, Abby reads the note out loud while everyone silently reacts. Abby then explains her reasons for crossing out each couple on her suspect list until she comes to Pacey and Andie. Before she can go further, Dawson and Joey challenge each other to tell the truth about what happened the other night. Their argument concludes with both Dawson and Joey telling each other that they did have sex. However, Jen steps in and states that she did not sleep with Dawson. Jack also announces that he and Joey couldn't go through with it. After everyone takes their seats, Abby announces that the handwriting on the note matches Pacey's. Andie can't believe it, but Pacey's dead silence tells her all she needs to know. As everybody leaves the room, Jen berates Abby for her cruelty.

In English class the next day, Mr. Peterson asks Abby to finally give her presentation. Abby has the videotape of last night's event, but a last-minute change of heart forces her to lie once again and take the failing grade. After class, Jen speaks with Jack about playing the role of second string in their personal relationships. Pacey steps into Andie's car against her wishes, determined to straighten things out with her. To start things off, Pacey pulls out his history quiz and hands it to Andie, who learns that he got an "A" on the quiz. Andie listens intently as Pacey explains that for his entire life, he could predict his future without fail. However, after he had sex with Andie, Pacey began questioning himself over whether or not they should have waited. This uncertainty is completely foreign to Pacey, and the "A" on the history quiz made the dramatic change in his life official. Pacey couldn't open up to Andie recently because he was overwhelmed with fear. Pacey then professes his love for Andie, singling her out as the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. Unable to resist this touching moment, Andie confesses to having the same fear, and she seals her forgiveness with a kiss. Meanwhile, Dawson and Joey come to terms with why neither of them did the deed the other night. They still have each other on their minds, so they decide to end their animosity towards each other and try to revive their lifelong friendship.

Written by Mike White & Greg Berlanti
Directed by Nick Marck
Originally Aired Wednesday, January 20, 1999 8pm/7pm C
The WB Television Network

Synopsis Written By Alan Hufana