"Full Moon Rising"

image The episode opens as Dawson and Joey share a romantic moment outside Dawson's window. Sitting together, they stare up at the near full moon. A brief discussion about the power of the moon is followed by silence as the two gaze upon the stars. Soon after, Andie stops by the video store and Pacey takes the opportunity to ask her out on a date. Andie agrees, but only after she makes Pacey ask her nicely. She is thrilled at the advancement of their relationship, but when Pacey offers to pick her up at her house, she gets strangely nervous. She offers a variety of other options and leaves Pacey confused.

Also agreeing to a date is Jen, after running into Vincent, the fisherman that Abby previously had her eye on. Abby comes back to Jen not much later, obviously in need of a friend. Thinking they are back in good terms, Jen makes the mistake of bringing up her date. Abby turns on her, again feeling betrayed, and lashes out in anger. When she insults Jen's virtue, Jen retaliates with a slap.

image At the Leery house, Mitch gets testy when he finds Gail is hosting a dinner for a male co-worker. His attitude prompts a fight which, unfortunately, breaks out in front of Dawson and Joey. Dawson is embarrassed and tired of the constant tension in the house. It only escalates when Mitch answers Gail's date with a business meeting between Tamara, still desperate to sell him the restaurant property. Mitch and Gail each entertain their guests, the whole time worrying about the other. Dawson, meanwhile, feels caught in the middle watching his two parents bicker. He heads to his room and is shocked to find Abby hiding there, spying on Jen next door.

image On their date, Jen and Vincent continue to flirt. Finally, the flirting turns into more and soon the two are kissing passionately. Abby tries to pick up on Dawson at a chance for revenge, but Dawson throws her out. At Jen's house, things start to get too heavy for her, but Vincent is reluctant to let up. Jen tells him she is only sixteen and before he can react, Jen's Grandmother enters and throws him out. Grams is furious and tells Jen that she will not allow Jen's lack of respect for her and for her own self. She leaves Jen feeling horrible.

Pacey arrives at Andie's house ready for their date. She is not there, but her mother eagerly invites him in. She also invites him to stay for dinner and meet Andie's older brother. Pacey is taken back by the Norman Rockwell environment, but soon is flattered by her hospitality.

At the Ice House, Joey and Jack spend a slow night talking and waiting for the last lonely customer to leave. Andie shows up looking for Pacey, knowing she is supposed to meet him somewhere. When she hears nobody has seen him, it dawns on her that he might be at her home. She races to intervene.

image When she gets there, she immediately tries to take Pacey away. He misconstrues it as her being ashamed of him and starts to turn it into an argument. Andie breaks down and tells him the truth: her brother Tim is dead, killed in a car accident and her mother won't let it go. Pacey doesn't know what to say. She opens up to him, saying how hard it is to deal and how much it scares her. Pacey hugs her tenderly, doing the best he can to let her feel better for awhile.

Dawson confronts Mitch and Gail about their fighting, and asks them if they are having an open marriage. He is heartbroken to hear the truth and even more so having to watch another fight break out between his parents. Gail storms out, tired of having to apologize for her affair. Dawson finally puts Mitch on the spot. Dawson yells at him, telling him how he must forgive and move on, which causes Mitch to break down. Through tears, he shares with his son his anguish, and Dawson sees a different side to his troubled father.

image Back at the Icehouse, the last lonely customer leaves and Jack and Joey revel in his large tip, and even more so in the touching poetry he leaves behind. As the two stand under the full moon, Jack pulls Joey in for a kiss. She breaks it, but not as soon as she could have, leaving her with a multitude of confused feelings. Dawson shows up as Joey prepares to leave, happy to have her company in his time of need. They go back to his house and sit on the rooftop staring out at the moon. Joey feels guilty about the kiss, but Dawson is in a pain all his own and she can't bear to say more.

image As the Saturday night comes to a close, it leaves everyone in their own turmoil. Jen cries on the porch, hating her life's direction; Andie reaches for support from Pacey; Mitch and Gail reexamine their lives and their marriage; Joey bottles up her guilt; and Dawson holds on to his concerns for his parents - all the while being completely unaware that his relationship with Joey has suddenly found itself on shaky ground.

Written by Dana Baratta
Directed by David Semel
Originally Aired Wednesday, November 4, 1998 8pm/7pm C
The WB Television Network

Synopsis Written By Lance Whinery