"The Scare"

image It's Friday the 13th in Capeside and everyone is entitled to at least one good scare. The fact that a real life serial killer is making his way to Capeside creates an additional element of fright as the characters all try to out scare one another. The episode opens with Dawson and Joey watching the horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer" alone in Dawson's bedroom. Joey stops the video abruptly, letting Dawson know that the real world is scary enough and she doesn't need a movie to accentuate that fear. Ironically, when she turns the news on the top story covers the "Lady Killer," a serial killer making his way up the Eastern Seaboard. As if the story wasn't enough to frighten Joey, Dawson hides under the bed, later emerging wearing a Halloween mask. Dawson's pranks aren't just limited to Joey. Open season is declared on the whole gang.

image Pacey gets his first taste of fear when a ghoul, strategically placed by Dawson, pops out of his locker. Later in the episode Joey finds a rubber snake in her book bag. At this point Jen is the only member of the group not yet subjected to Dawson's antics. She is starting to worry that this may be an indication that she is slowly being distanced from the group. At the same time the group is distancing her due to her own actions. She isn't able to go to the sťance at Dawson's house because she has a date with Cliff. Little does she know, Cliff has been going to Dawson for advice regarding his relationship with Jen. Dawson recommends to Cliff that he do something unexpected to win Jen's affection. We are left wondering what Cliff might plan for the impending date?

image Back at Jen's house the phone rings and she picks it up. The voice on the other end imitates the killer's voice from the movie "Scream." Jen, assuming it to be a prank, goes along and jokes with the caller. As the conversation continues, Jen grows more and more frightened. If it is a prank, it has gone way too far. At the peak of her fright she grabs a knife from the kitchen when she begins to hear noises in the house. Upstairs she finds an open window, and the caller tells her not to look under the bed. By this time she is absolutely terrified. She finds nothing under the bed and goes back downstairs. Just when she can't take it any more, Grams enter the house to find Jen holding a kitchen knife. Is the whole ordeal really over? This is the question she must answer for herself.

image When Dawson, Pacey and Joey take a trip to the local convenience store Pacey and Dawson go inside while Joey waits in the car. Alone in the car, Joey is approached by a creepy gentleman asking for directions. The conversation continues to get more and more strangely personal until Dawson arrives just in time to shuffle him away. Meanwhile, Pacey has picked up a "unique" friend named Ursula who was involved in a heated argument with her boyfriend earlier. The crew needs to make a quick get away when Ursula enters the car and her boyfriend comes running after her. Their newly acquired passenger is strange to say the least.

image When Cliff arrives at Jen's house, Grams is there to greet him. It is obvious that Grams sees Cliff as the perfect boy for Jen, and she makes no attempt to hide her views. At this point Cliff reveals the destination for their date. He plans to take Jen to the sťance at Dawson's house. Jen finds it to be a little strange that Cliff is taking her on a date to her ex-boyfriend's house, but goes along with the plan. When they get to the house the whole group is ready to get started, Ursula included. They arrange themselves around the table, ready to begin the sťance when Cliff proceeds to tell a disgusting story about a snake that crawled down the throat of a baby. Ursula attempts to top this by telling the story of a young woman that is picked up by strangers and taken to their house. The story is remarkably close to her personal tale. Is it possible that she is the "Lady Killer?" At the peak of her story the power goes out and the phone lines go dead as well. When Dawson and Ursula go outside to check the fuse box, Dawson seems confused. He admits that he planned the whole thing, however the power should have gone back on by now. Dawson goes back inside to meet up with the rest of the group. Looking for Joey, Dawson checks the closet. When he opens the door, Joey's dead and bloody body falls out. The look on his face shows that not only has he fallen for the prank, but that the thought of life without Joey is unbearable. Simultaneously, a dark figure wearing a mask and holding a knife appears. Dawson is absolutely terrified until Jen reveals herself as the masked killer. In Dawson's opinion they have gone too far, but revenge is to be expected. There is now only one question left, who made the phone call to Jen? Dawson swears it wasn't him, so who was it?

image Meanwhile, Ursula and Pacey have gone outside. As they are talking they both hear something in the bushes. After a moment, a man rushes out of the bushes straight for them. They seek refuge from the attacker in the house. This does not stop the assault from the man who they now recognize to be Eddie, Ursula's boyfriend. Searching the house for a point of entry, Eddie kicks doors and breaks windows. There is a mad scramble to secure the house, but it's too late. Eddie has managed to get into the house through Dawson's window. Now they know he is inside, but where? He eventually emerges, and attacks Pacey. The two scuffle briefly until Eddie is subdued by Joey wielding a frying pan. Seeing her boyfriend slightly battered, Ursula steps in and carries him out the door. Pacey sure does know how to pick 'em. It looks like this Friday the 13th is finally coming to an end. There is only one question left. Who made the phone call to Jen? Could it be that the "Lady Killer" is still out there? The phone call mystery is solved when Cliff admits to making the call. When Cliff drops Jen off at her house, Grams interrupts a short goodnight kiss. Again she voices her approval of Cliff and surprisingly encourages them to continue. Jen seems to like Cliff well enough but just isn't in the market for a boyfriend at this time. Back at the Leery household, Joey and Dawson are finishing the night in his room. Dawson reveals to Joey how much he truly cares about her, and that if she died he doesn't know how he could go on. This information pleases Joey because Dawson is finally expressing his feelings. As they get ready to go to bed, they are watching the nightly news. The breaking news story covers the capture of the elusive "Lady Killer," who has been on a killing spree near Capeside. When the news shows the killer's face they both recognize in horror that it was the same man who asked Joey for directions at the convenience store.

Written by Mike White
Directed by Rodman Flender
Originally Aired Tuesday, May 5, 1998 9pm/8pm C
The WB Television Network