"Road Trip"

Male bonding plays a major role in this episode as Dawson, Billy, and Pacey travel to Providence for a night out on the town. The road trip also provides a perfect opportunity for Jen and Joey to finally bond while the men are away. The episode opens with Joey and Dawson in his room. It is clear that Dawson is taking his breakup with Jen rather hard. Joey is there to give advice even if Dawson won't take it. To make matters even worse, Dawson is given constant reminders of his lost love. As luck would have it the tape in the VCR is of Jen exiting the taxi on her first day in Capeside.

Meanwhile Grams enters Jen's room to find Billy, who entered through the window, lying on her bed. Unlike the New York incident Jen was not in the room at the time. When Jen arrives she insists that Billy leave. After having his advances declined by Jen, Billy eventually leaves. After his departure, he runs into Dawson and they begin talking. During the course of the conversation, Billy convinces Dawson to join him on a road trip to Providence. When Pacey hears about the pending adventure he is of course enthusiastic about joining in. After a brief discussion the three set sail for their journey to the city.

Elsewhere, Joey is walking alone when a young man driving a Jeep approaches her. He begins to flirt with her and offers her a lift. She is reluctant at first, but eventually accepts the ride to school. He seems nice enough, and what's the worse that could happen? The next day in school Jen informs Joey that Warren Gary, the boy who gave her a ride, was telling people that he had sex with her. The rumor spreads quickly throughout the school. When Joey confronts Warren about the story he offers no explanation other than the fact that he thinks she should be happy since he considers himself "major league." To Joey this rumor is intolerable, so her and Jen conspire to get him back. The next day Joey tells Abby Morgan, the gossip queen, she is pregnant and that Warren doesn't even care. Abby then proceeds to spread that rumor throughout the school. The spotlight is then turned from Joey to Warren as the student body turns on him. The two eventually work the situation out after Abby finds out a little secret that might prevent Warren from impregnating Joey. Apparently, Warren has a soft spot for the ladies in the wrong place.

It isn't just Joey who wants to get back at someone. Dawson, Pacey, and Billy have revenge on their minds as well. During the ferry ride the three notice two hooligans who are harassing the other passengers. Dawson, Pacey, and Billy can't believe what they are seeing so they come up with a plan to get the troublemakers back. Secretly Dawson attaches a chain to the axle of the nuisances' truck. When the ferry reaches its destination, Pacey taunts the two by mooning them. In a rush to catch Pacey the truck takes off and the axle is ripped off. The three celebrate as they rush off to their destination of Providence.

When Dawson, Pacey, and Billy arrive in Providence they go straight to a bar. Immediately Dawson and Pacey identify their potential targets for the night. Dawson, with encouragement from the other two, approaches a young woman wearing a film shirt. After fumbling about for a while, the two hit it off. Nina, the film student, even asks Dawson if he would like to go home with her. Influenced by his lingering feelings for Jen, he declines and she settles for a kiss. Just before they are ready to leave, Dawson gets into an argument with Billy. He has figured out that Billy only wanted him to go so he would get together with another girl, thus increasing Billy's chances with Jen. The discussion ends when Billy leaves without Dawson and Pacey. They are forced to take the bus home, and don't arrive until the next morning. Dawson gets home to find Joey in his room. Much to Joey's dismay, Dawson's exhaustion gets the best of him, and he falls asleep after a brief conversation. They both have stories to tell, but it looks like they will have to wait.

Written by Rob Thomas
Directed by Steve Robman
Originally Aired Tuesday, March 17, 1998 9pm/8pm C
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