Unable to find a television program worth watching, Dawson is channel surfing when Joey enters the room using her usual ladder method. After venting to Dawson about her sister Bessie's new baby keeping her up all night, Joey lays down in Dawson's bed. After a few moments she has drifted into slumber. It is clear that Bessie's child has taken a toll on the entire household.

The situation between Mr. and Mrs. Leery is still extremely awkward, as evidenced by their breakfast conversation. Later in the episode interaction between the two becomes more and more confrontational. Gale questions when Mitch will finally forgive her infidelity. Mitch responds emotionally when he admits that he will not forgive her until the hurt, caused by her actions, recedes. At this point it becomes apparent that the future of their marriage may be in question. Both parties are doing their best to work things out, but it just doesn't seem to be happening.

The Leery's marriage is not the only relationship on rocks in this episode. The introduction of Jen's ex-boyfriend, Billy Konrad, makes waves for Dawson. We catch our first glimpse of Billy when he pulls into town and almost runs Pacey over. The two engage in conversation and Billy asks Pacey for directions to the High School. Pacey provides the directions and proceeds to indirectly ask Billy for a ride to school in return. Billy denies his request and drives off, leaving Pacey to catch the bus. As Jen and Dawson are on their way to class, the leather clad mystery man appears in the hallway. Visible at this point only to Jen, she says goodbye to Dawson and tells him that she will catch up with him later. When Jen approaches Billy, Dawson secretly views their conversation. Dawson later confronts Jen about this man from her past. She assures Dawson that there is no longer anything between her and Billy and that he is the only one for her now. The whole situation gets even worse for Dawson later when Jen asks him to allow Billy to stay with him for a day or so. Dawson hesitantly accepts, allowing his current girlfriend's ex-boyfriend to stay with him.

Meanwhile, Cliff Elliott has invited Jen and Dawson to a beach house party. At the party Dawson, alone at this time, runs into Joey who has come with and since been abandoned by Pacey. Neither of them are having that great of a time, so they agree to go home together and watch a movie. On his way to refill his drink, Dawson runs into Jen who has just said goodbye forever to Billy. Caught up in the moment the two walk off together leaving Joey by herself. After a while one of the partygoers begins to hit on Joey. When she realizes that Jen has arrived and taken Dawson away from her, she becomes more receptive to his advances. Influenced by the alcohol, Joey begins to dance downstairs. Pacey, noticing that Joey is visibly drunk, attempts to break the two apart. When Joey's dancing partner refuses to let her go, and takes a swing at Pacey, Pacey punches him in the face and pulls Joey away. Dawson and Joey then decide that it would be best to take Joey home. While Dawson is putting her to sleep, Joey lifts up and kisses Dawson on the lips. Dawson is convinced only the alcohol motivated the gesture, and it takes Pacey to point out her affection for him on the boat ride home.

Back at the Leery household the arguments continue as Mitch and Gale come home from a failed scuba diving excursion. The two talk it out and come to the realization that the healing will be a slow, hard process. It looks like they will indeed make the difficult journey together as they share a dance on the porch. Unfortunately, the problems facing Jen and Dawson can't be resolved as easily. When Dawson joins Jen on the dock for what he hopes will be a romantic moment he instead learns that she believes her dependence on boyfriends contributes to her emotional problems. There, under the moonlight, Dawson is emotionally devastated when Jen finally tells him that it would be best for her to not have a boyfriend at this point in her life.

Written by Charles and Karen Rosin
Directed by Michael Fields
Originally Aired Tuesday, March 10, 1998 9pm/8pm C
The WB Television Network