"Hurricane" is more about the pending storm of uncertainty in life and relationships than the hurricane that is threatening Capeside. And while the town prepares for the coming chaos of "Hurricane Chris", Dawson prepares himself for the turmoil of confronting his mother about her affair with her co-anchor.

When Dawson finally confronts his mother about her infidelity, her selfish and inadequate explanation shatters his idealistic vision of not only his parents failed union, but of relationships in general. Unfortunately, this affects his relationship with Jen and his "friendship" with Joey as they both feel he is becoming cold and remote. Dawson proceeds to project his anger with his mother at Jen when he makes a crude innuendo about her promiscuous sexual past.

While Dawson, his parents, Bodie, Bessie, Joey, Jen and Grams prepare to weather the storm at the Leery house we find comic relief from the sniping going on between the Witter brothers. Pacey has been teasing Doug all day about his "gay" tendencies, which include a Barbara Streisand CD collection and a love of Hollywood musicals. They wind up at Tamara Jacobs house to "protect" her from the storm under a thinly veiled attempt by the clueless Doug to flirt with the sensuous teacher.

Back at Dawson's house Gale Leery finally confesses her affair to Mitch with Dawson looking on. At the most dramatic moment the power goes out right after Gale admits she has been having sex with another man for the last 62 days. Mitch first chooses to ignore the shocking details and then reacts with violent rage that rivals the thunder of the now passing storm.

When the flirting between Doug and Tamara become too much for Pacey to stand he takes a lone opportunity with his teacher to inform her that his brother is gay. Tamara fully believes Pacey and the scenes that ensue between her and Doug rise in hilarity as they discuss favorite Broadway musicals and sing show tunes. When Doug finally asks Tamara out on a date she confronts him about his "homosexuality". He explodes with anger as he realizes Pacey is behind the misunderstanding. When Doug overreacts by pulling his gun on Pacey, he not only horrifies Tamara but also ensures that Pacey's goal of ending the success of Doug's advances is accomplished.

After the news of Dawson's parents confrontation spreads among the guests at the Leery house Jen and Joey take a moment to discuss the more selfish and egotistic side of Dawson they have been experiencing. The girl talk heats up when they discuss the recurring matter of Dawson's endowment. Is it a pistol or a rifle? It becomes obvious to Jen that Joey has thought about a lot more than just friendship when it comes to Dawson.

As "Blown Away" comes to a close the sun breaks through the diminishing clouds of the storm and the relationships that seemed so much in disarray take a step toward redemption through forgiveness. Jen painfully opens up her entire past to Dawson while at the same time he apologizes for his self-absorption. Mitch comes back to the house to find Gale on the front steps. She expresses how much she wants everything that she took for granted back again. And while Mitch does not forgive her, for the first time since her admission he does not reject her attempts to repent. When Pacey returns to Tamara's without Doug her weak deflections of his advances lead to a continuation of their scandalous love affair. And finally, the episode ends where it begins, in Dawson's room. Afterr an apology to Joey the two take a momentary break from the tumultuous "storm" of growing up to relive a childhood adventure of playing Jaws in the protected world of Dawson's closet.

Written by Kevin Williamson and Dana Baratta
Directed by Lou Antonio
Originally Aired Tuesday, February 17, 1998 9pm/8pm C
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