Dawson and Joey find out that he accidentally left his camera on while at the ruins and spotted Tamara having sex with some guy on the tape. They tell Pacey and he freaks out. He later confides his relationship with Tamara to Dawson and swears him to secrecy. Meanwhile, he has been seeing her spending a lot of time with Mr. Gold, the film teacher. He confronts her and asks her to choose between them. She tells him that Mr. Gold is gay, leaving him feeling like a jerk.

Dawson sees his mother kissing Bob while at her station working on his film. He spills his guts to Joey and finds out that she knew all along. He blows up at her for not telling him and decides to confide in Jen. He makes her promise that they will always be honest with each other no matter what. She then proceeds to tell him that she was really sent to Capeside to get her out of New York, where she had become a fast city girl. His view of Jen as the perfect girl is shattered leaving him distant with her and at a loss for words. Jen goes to Joey to find out how to deal with Dawson in this situation.

Dawson doesn't confront his mother with the knowledge of her affair, but decides to tell his father. He goes to tell him, but not before his father tells him how great it has been to be with his mother for 20 years. He can't muster up the heart to tell him and just wishes him happy anniversary.

Written by Jon Harmon Feldman
Directed by Steve Miner
Originally Aired Tuesday, February 10, 1998 9pm/8pm C
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