This is an episode about hits and misses in the romantic zone.

Pacey's plan comes to fruition when Tamara tells him he's failing her class, as well as several others, and agrees to tutor him. But Pacey still isn't delivering results so Tamara gives him a list of summary questions and promises "positive reinforcement" if he answers them correctly. Seizing his opportunity, Pacey 'miraculously' answers the questions correctly and goads her to give him his "reward."

Tamara orders him to strip and Pacey tries to call her bluff. But when he realizes she's serious, he admits being a virgin. Tamara bids him to go, but Pacey stresses that he still wants to be with her.

Meanwhile Dawson cuts a deal with the film teacher -- if he acts as PA (production assistant) on Cliff's movie and maintains a good attitude, he can enter the class legitimately. Annoying Nellie, the producer, rides him, but Dawson ends up saving the day with his film expertise in a tracking shot. The camera guy is having difficulties running backwards, so Dawson comes up with the idea of using a wheelchair to get the shot.

Dawson confesses his neurosis to Jen about trying to create every moment as if it were on film, including their first kiss, which he tries to videotape. She's upset by this turn of events, but before you can say "she's going to freak big," the couple hears a noise and hides in bushes. Soon enough Jen and Dawson are kissing. And the people that sent them running turn out to be Pacey and Tamara, who proceed to make love unwittingly in front of the video camera.

Joey isn't left out of the romantic action, as she spots a cute preppie guy who turns out to be the son of a wealthy couple visiting Capeside on their boat. Shades of the film "Mystic Pizza" are present in this storyline as Joey lies about her background and social status and goes sailing with him. The guy later walks into the restaurant where she works and her cover is almost blown. Jen covers for her however, and later Joey kisses him goodbye. It's not stated, but you get the idea this is her first kiss. The romance ends when Joey meets up with her sister and her boyfriend and realizes she made a mistake in her story; she tosses away the guy's number.

Written by Rob Thomas
Directed by Michael Uno
Originally Aired Tuesday, February 3, 1998 9pm/8pm C
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