Dawson and Joey watch dailies from Dawson's horror film in his bedroom, and begin a discussion on kissing--Joey refuses to kiss Pacey in the film, and she teases Dawson about him having not yet kissed Jen. The next day at Capeside High, Dawson succeeds in convincing Mr. Gold to allow him to use the film class as his study hall period. Pacey attempts to discuss with Ms. Jacobs the passionate kiss they shared the other night, but she is uncomfortable and refuses to acknowledge it happened as her class takes their seats. During lunch, Dawson shares with his pals his latest idea for his film: Joey's character will die violently halfway through, and her beautiful cousin from New York (played by Jen) will arrive to investigate the death. In Mr. Gold's film class, Dawson is dismayed to learn that the class is in the midst of creating "Helmets of Glory," a film chronicling last year's football season conceived by Capeside High's star quarterback Cliff Elliott and produced by nemesis Nellie Olson. Dawson suffers further when he later spies Cliff hitting on Jen.

Back at home on Saturday, Dawson and Mitch share a nice father-son moment when Mitch relates the story of his first kiss with Gale (it involved a boat and Chapstick) and has Dawson practice his first kiss with Jen on the plaster head of Joey that had been designed for her death scene in Dawson's film. Joey observes this moment, unseen, then startles Gale who has just been on the phone making rendezvous plans for that night with co-anchor Bob. Joey cryptically tells Gale that she's aware of what's going on. Joey's death scene in Dawson's film is shot without a hitch, but Dawson immediately decides to cut out the kissing scene between Jen and Pacey's characters when his buddy over-enthusiastically performs it. With Dawson's film back on schedule, Pacey runs home to get ready for the Victory Dance (Ms. Jacobs will be there as a chaperone), and Jen does the same (she's going to the Dance with Cliff, though she hesitates labeling it a date). Thoughts of Jen and Cliff slow-dancing together driving him mad, so Dawson persuades a reluctant Joey to head over to the Dance with him. On her way out for the evening, Gale confronts Joey about the girl's earlier comment, and Joey relates the story of how her father's infidelities devastated her mother and the whole family. The conversation is halted when Dawson appears, ready to take off for the Dance.

Jen and Cliff banter playfully at the Dance (she finds him 'smooth in an unassuming way") before hitting the floor. Pacey turns on the charm with Ms. Jacobs, who gives him the brush off. Dawson and Joey share a slow dance, which grows almost intimate, until interrupted by Jen and Cliff. Dawson angers first Joey when he compares the feelings he has for Jen to those he has for his longtime friend; then angers Jen when he attempts to cut into her dance with Cliff and provokes the senior to a near fight. Jen flees the scene.

Dawson, Joey and Pacey all head home dejected. Gale arrives home earlier than planned and playfully goads Mitch into believing she doesn't remember their first kiss then pulls out the Chapstick and plants a warm, full, almost desperate, smooch on her husband. Now heading home solo, Pacey encounters a chagrined Tamara, and his ardent protestations on the heels of her confused apologies once again lead the two into a passionate kiss. On their way home, Joey and Dawson spy Jen alone at the marina, and Joey steps aside so her friend can make amends to the girl. Dawson admits to the still angry Jen that he wants to be her boyfriend and not just her friend. Jen tells Dawson that in New York she was moving very fast and she doesn't want to repeat those mistakes in Capeside. However, she is interested in a relationship with Dawson and they share a romantic dance in the moonlight, unaware they're being watched by a wistful Joey.

Written by Kevin Williamson
Directed by Steve Miner
Originally Aired Tuesday, January 27, 1998 9pm/8pm C
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