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Locations - Waiti Stream

Waiti Stream near Lake Wainamu
Waiti Stream flows out of the base of Lake Wainamu, following around the side of the dramatic sandblow in a majestic arc and finally flowing out into Waitakeri River in Bethells Valley. From where it meets Waitakeri River, it isn't far to the estuary and the river mouth at Bethells Beach.

Waiti Stream is one of the most commonly used locations for both Xena and Hercules. This one should be familar from the Hercules episode Two Men and A Baby.
The broad sandy bed of Waiti Stream
This particular view is to be found in Hercules and the Amazon Women where the amazons are riding to attack the village. It also appears in the horse dragging scene from The Bitter Suite and appears twice in Return of Callisto: first when Joxer arrives to tell Xena and Gabrielle that Callisto has escaped from prison, and again when Callisto kills Perdicas.
Waiti Stream near Waitakeri River
Near the confluence of Waiti Stream and the Waitakeri River, the sandblow is more overgrown, as can be seen in this view. This is the location of the chariot fight from The Chariots of War (which is also featured in the openning titles) and the tuft of grass in the middle is the one that spills Xena and Gabrielle out of the chariot. It has appeared more recently as the place that Xena and Boadicca meet and then turn on their mutual enemy in The Deliverer.

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