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US NTSC (Region #1) DVD Video Releases

HerculesThe Xena Trilogy on DVD

UK PAL VHS Video Releases

1.1 • 1.2: Sins of the Past and Chariots of War

US NTSC VHS Video Releases

Hercules Xena

The Xena Trilogy

First Season Boxset

comprising containing all 24 episodes
The Warrior Princess Currently only available in the US from Get Xena.
The Gauntlet May become generally available later in the year.
Unchained Heart

CD Releases

Xena: Warrior Princess soundtrack Volume 1
Xena: Warrior Princess soundtrack Volume 2
Xena: Warrior Princess - The Bitter Suite Soundtrack


Reference Novels
The Official Guide To The Xenaverse (Bob Weisbrot) The Empty Throne (Ru Emerson)
Picture Books The Huntress and The Sphinx (Ru Emerson)
Princess In Peril (Kerry Milliron) The Thief of Hermes (Ru Emerson)
Queen of The Amazons (Kerry Milliron) Prophecy of Darkness (Stella Howard)

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