Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

The Xena Trilogy

Also available on NTSC Region #1 DVD

The Warrior Princess VHS cover

The Warrior Princess

VHS HiFi Stereo Cat No 83630
Volume 1 Color/47 minutes/Not Rated

The beautiful and deadly princess Xena (Lucy Lawless) sets out to kill Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) because that's the only way she will ever be able to secure complete control of the region of Arcadian. With the help of her faithful love-struck lieutenants, Xena plans the mighty Hercules' downfall. Using Iolaus (Michael Hurst), Hercules' best friend, Xena enchants him with sex and lies and preys on his loneliness as she uses him as bait for Hercules.

When Hercules learns Xena's true identity. he goes to rescue Iolaus, falling into her trap.

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Lucy Lawless, Elizabeth Hawthorne
Written by: John Schulian
Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

The Gauntlet VHS cover

The Gauntlet

VHS HiFi Stereo Cat No 83631
Volume 2 Color/48 mins/Not Rated

Hercules learns that his enemy, the beautiful warrior princess Xena, is building her power and territory by raiding villages throughout the land. Hercules' angers grows as he follows the marauders' bloody path of destruction. Meanwhile, Xena's command is challenged by her cruel and ruthless lieutenant Darphus (Matthew Chamberlain), who goes against her instructions and moral code. He orders a merciless slaughter of a defenseless community, demanding they kill even women and children. When Xena stops the slaying of an infant, Darphus denounces her act of compassion as weak, and forces her to endure the deadly warrior ritual known as the Gauntlet. Beaten within an inch of her life, Xena survives by her formidable skills and staggers alone into the wilderness.

With Darphus now in control of the marauders, it is up to Hercules and Xena to stop them.

Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless, Robert Trebor, Matthew Chamberlain
Written by: Robert Bielak
Directed by: John Perez

Unchained Heart VHS cover

Unchained Heart

VHS HiFi Stereo Cat No 83632
Volume 3 Color/47 mins/Not Rated

Miraculously risen from the dead by Ares at the conclusion of part two, Darphus is once again roaming the land slaughtering innocent people. Unbeknownst to Hercules, Darphus is feeding the victims of his bloody crusade to Ares' man-eating dog Graegus. Darphus plans on using the beast to fulfill Ares' destiny--to rule the World.

Hearing of trouble, Iolaus rejoins his buddy Hercules in the first against Darphus and his murderous troups. When he learns that Xena has joined forces with Hercules, he is extremely reluctant to trust her because of her previous plan to kill him, but Hercules and Xena finally admit their feelings for one another and give in to their passion

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Robert Trebor, Lucy Lawless, Matthew Chamberlain
Written by: John Schulian
Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

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