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Fallen Angel

TV Guide Listing:
Xena: Warrior Princess: Fallen Angel
In the fifth-season opener, Xena and Gabrielle's crucified bodies are retrieved by their friends, while the departed duo (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) are caught in the middle of an afterlife battle between demons and angels.
Michael: Charles Mesure. Callisto: Hudson Leick. Amarice: Jennifer Sky.
Joxer is wandering on a snowy mountainside and encounters Amarice; he tells her he's been having nightmares that Xena and Gabrielle are in trouble. Amarice tells him they aren't having any more troubles and points towards their lifeless bodies on crosses below. Joxer says he will return with their bodies to Greece... Meanwhile, in the afterlife Xena and Gabrille wait atop a peaked mountain and are surrounded by angels who lift them both up towards the light. However, as they rise, the angels are attacked by winged demons, Callisto amongst them and Gabrielle is dropped during the fighting and ends up in Hell. She awakes there to find Callisto lying beside her and tempting her to eat fruits of hell. Gabrielle correctly guesses it's a trick, but Callisto gets her demon buddies to force feed Gabrielle with the fruit and she turns into a demon with a few choice words for Callisto along the way.

Meanwhile, back up top, Xena attempts a plunge to rescue Gabrielle and is retrieved forceably by the Arch-Angel Michael who is not best impressed. Deciding that Xena could be a useful ally, he gives her the chance to take a test and she becomes an Arch-Angel. Michael warns her that Hell will be very hard and she will be more compassionate than before - should she give up her light, she will trade places with whoever she rescues. Undetered Xena and the other arch-angels launch their attack on the demon world below, and succeed in rescuing Gabrielle during a bitter battle. Xena however is confronted by Callisto, and decides to give her her purity. The semi-demonic Gabrielle is bathed in the waters of purity and emerges healed of her demonic attributes. She asks after Xena and Michael refuses to answer the question. Later she discovers that Xena saved Callisto and is shocked. Confronting the virginal and gentle new Callisto, Gabrielle finds it difficult to forgive her. Michael realises that Xena is now a demon and that with such a leader at their head, they are likely to be even more dangerous than before. Gabrielle offers to distract Xena in the fight, and Michael tells her that she must go through a test to see if she is worthy. She undertakes the test only to be faced with the gentle Callisto again - a sure sign that Michael wants her to forgive Callisto - the hardest thing for Gabrielle to ever do.

Meanwhile having removed their bodies from the crosses, Joxer, Eli and Amarice are moving them. Amarice accuses Eli of as good as killing them himself by teaching Gabrielle all the peace claptrap such that she would not defend herself. Joxer tries to step in, but Eli stops him, accepting there is much truth in what Amarice is saying.

Back in the afterlife, Gabrielle emerges from her trial as an Arch- Angel and sets herself on a high rock where she can be seen. True to form, Xena diverts her attention to Gabrielle and the two talk as the other demons and arch-angels start fighting. After Gabrielle tells Xena she will not join her in Hell, the two come to blows. Eventually wounded they plunge downwards. Meanwhile, Eli is having a crisis of faith and calls out for help. His cries are answered and an angel appears and tells him to go back to the bodies of his friends. Eli places his hands on Xena and Gabrielle's bodies and the ghostly angel lays her hands there too, though his. Gabrielle and Xena, still falling towards hell, suddenly dissolve and return to their bodies. Eli, Joxer and Amarice are astounded as they move and Gabrielle's hand reaches out to hold Xena's. Joxer touches her face and Gabrielle smiles at him and then rests her head on Xena's shoulders. Michael and the angel watch from the sidelines; he tells the angel that it is time and she is re-united with her parents who died many years before in an attack on a small village called Cirra by a warlord and her army! (You can figure out who the angel is for yourselves!).
Episode: 5.1, US airdate: 27 Sep 99.
Guest Stars: Hudson Leick (Callisto), Charles Mesure (Michael), Ted Raimi (Joxer), Jennifer Sky (Amarice), Tim Omundson (Eli).


Although brought back to life, Xena is a completely different person. With Eli's help, they set out to repair the shattered Chakram and help Xena rediscover her warrior personality.
Episode: 5.2, US airdate: 4 Oct 99.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (Ares), Jennifer Sky (Amarice), Tim Omundson (Eli).


Ares decides to pit Xena and Gabrielle (sharing the same existance) against a young upstart who fancies herself as Ares' right hand woman.
Episode: 5.3, US airdate: 11 Oct 99.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (Ares)

Animal Attraction

In which Gabrielle rescues and befriends a horse, Xena acts very oddly and gets an enormous surprise and Amarice has a major crush.
Episode: 5.4, US airdate: 18 Oct 99.
Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Jennifer Sky (Amarice), Alison Bruce

Them Bones, Them Bones

Xena has a nightmare about her unborn child and seeks Yakut in the hope that she can find the source of the disquiet. They soon discover the cause - Alti is trying to steal the soul of Xena's child as a way to be reborn - and Gabrielle goes on a fatal trip to fight Alti on her home turf.
Episode: 5.5, US airdate: 25 Oct 99.
Guest Stars: Claire Stansfield (Alti), Sherri Rappaport (Otere), Kate Elliot (Yakut), Jennifer Sky (Amarice)


When yet another chinese messanger dies trying to deliver a message to Xena, the stage is set for a return visit to Chin and the legacy of Lao Ma. Meeting up with both of Lao Ma's daughters, the battle is on for the posession of Lao Ma's book - the key to many of her secret powers.
Episode: 5.6, US airdate: 8 Nov 99.
Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer)

Back In The Bottle

As Xena and Gabrielle head back from Chin, Xena sees a vision that pursuades her that they have not resolved the issues in Chin, and so they return and discover Chin under attack by Genghis Kahn. Soon Xena realises that he has powerful allies, including the Green Dragon.
Episode: 5.7, US airdate: 15 Nov 99.
Guest Stars:

Little Problems

Aphrodite transfers Xena's spirit into the body of a little girl when she takes on of Xena's comments a little to literally. While Aphrodite and Gabrielle seek out a potion to reverse the transfer, Xena attempts to find out why the little girl had given up on living.
Episode: 5.8, US airdate: 22 Nov 99.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)

Seeds Of Faith

TV Guide Listing:
Xena: Warrior Princess: Seeds Of Faith
Eli (Timothy Omundson) leads his followers in a non-violent fight against the gods, resulting in a fateful confrontation with Ares (Kevin Smith).
Petracles: James Gaylyn. Callisto: Hudson Leick. Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor.

Episode: 5.9, US airdate: 10 Jan 00.
Guest Stars: Hudson Leick (Callisto), Tim Omundson (Eli), Kevin Smith (Ares).

Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire

TV Guide Listing:
Xena: Warrior Princess: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire
In a musical episode, Xena tries to settle a fight over Terpsichore's lyre by getting the warring parties to participate in a battle of the bands in a nearby village.
Amoria: Gillian Iliana Waters. Joxer/Jace: Ted Raimi. Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor.
A musical episode featuring Draco...
Episode: 5.10, US airdate: 17 Jan 00.
Guest Stars: Jay Laga'aia (Draco), Darien Takle (Cyrene).

Punch Lines

Episode: 5.11, US airdate: 24 Jan 00.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite).

God Fearing Child

Episode: 5.12, US airdate: 31 Jan 00.
Guest Stars: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Charles Keating (Zeus), Meg Foster (Hera), Kevin Smith (Ares).

Eternal Bonds

Episode: 5.13, US airdate: 7 Feb 00.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (Ares), Ted Raimi (Joxer).

Married With Fishsticks

Episode: 5.14, US airdate: 14 Feb 00.
Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer).

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