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Locations - Piha Beach

Panorama of Piha Beach
One of the foremost surfing beaches of the west coast, Piha is quite a bustling little holiday resort, particularly in the Summer. It is of course an in-joke that the scene where Iolaus invents surfing in The Apple was filmed on this beach. The massive Lion Rock (101 metres high) stands out into the sea on the northern side of the estuary of Piha Stream which flows out through the resort effectively dividing it in two. The beach to the north of Lion Rock is known as North Piha, and to the south of Piha Stream is the South Beach - the south beach is a little more sheltered from the wind and is more popular with holidaymakers as a result.
Another view masking the buildings
This picture is similar to how Piha is normally shown on Hercules and Xena where the picture is framed to hide the buildings and roads of the holiday resort. The north beach is the main one visible in this picture.
Looking south from the North Piha Beach
This view is taken from the North beach at Piha, looking south to the impressive Lion Rock. The south beach is obscured from view by the rock itself.
Lion Rock and the South Beach
This picture shows the south beach at Piha. This picture was taken on a warm summer day (New Year's Weekend 1998) and as you can see it was extremely popular (aka crowded - well by New Zealand standards it was!).

This beach was the location used for the fight between the two kingdoms in the Hercules story, The Apple.

Piha is also featured in the New Zealand Travel and Tourism Guide and there's even a live webcam!

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