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The Interview With Michael Hurst
Thanks to Cindy McBain, editor of Hurst News magazine, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Hurst about his involvement in Xena and Amazon High. While the full text of the interviews with Michael will be published in future issues of Hurst News, Cindy has kindly given me permission to place the Xena related excerpts on this web site.
Lots of New Trailers - The trailer archive is now almost complete with all the second season episodes represented and all but one from the third season. There's also a few from the first season and from Hercules cross-over episodes. To see a full list of what is now available, take a look at the Trailer column in the full index of episodes.
New Series Information - After Hercules: The Legendary Journeys finishes it's seven year run this fall, it will be replaced by two new half-hour series from Renaissance Pictures. The first of these, Cleopatra 2525, sounds like a re-working of the Amazon High concept (see part two of our interview with Michael Hurst) and will star Jennifer Sky (Amarice in Xena) as Cleopatra, with Vicky Pratt (Cyane in Xena) and Gina Torres (Nebula in Hercules, Cleopatra in Xena).

The second series, Jack of Spades, is about a british spy in the Carribian in the 1800s. Casting details have yet to be announced.

The Xena On-Line Quizes - A chance to try your knowledge of Xena trivia. The first quiz covers aspects of the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess - go on, give it a try... Xena Season One Quiz

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