Xena Warrior Princess

The Locations

As you probably know, Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys are filmed in New Zealand. This section sets out to tell you where some of the locations really are and to show you photos of them. Of course many locations are on private land and those will not be discussed here. Never-the-less many of the most spectacular locations are actually in the Waitakere (pronouced Why-Tack-Airy) Ranges Regional Park, part of the Auckland Regional Parks credited frequently at the end of the shows.

Auckland, while not actually the Capital of New Zealand (that honour falls to Wellington), is the largest city and the gateway to New Zealand for international travellers. The Auckland International Airport (AKL) is served by a number of international airlines including United Airlines, Qantas and of course is home to Air New Zealand. The international airport is just off the bottom of this map - it's about an hour's drive through Auckland into the area where the locations are. Flights to Auckland from Los Angeles take approximately 12 hours, and probably slightly less from the main Asian air hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore. All of the main international car rental companies are represented in Auckland.

The majority of the locations are on the western coast, and are typically only about a maximum of 30-40 miles from Auckland city centre. There are probably four main beaches that will be of interest, these are:

Mount Albert where Lucy Lawless grew up is also marked on the map. For my visit to the area, I stayed at Greenmead Farm Cottage in Bethells Valley and would wholeheartedly recommend it as a base for touring the area.

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