Xena Warrior Princess

Locations - Karakare Beach and Falls

The Waterfalls at Karekare
Just inland from the beach at Karekare, there is a massive waterfall with a pool at the base. This shot taken from across the valley shows the high falls and the wooded hillsides all around.
The pathway to the falls at Karekare
This view shows the footpath leading to the pool at the base of the waterfalls at Karekare. This location was used in the episode The Furies for the closing conversation between Cyrene and Xena while Gabrielle gathers firewood.
A closeup of the Falls
This shot really shows how dramatic the falls are.
The pool at the base of the falls
This picture shows the pool at the base of the falls, here a popular place for the holidaying kids.

This pool has been used on several occasions. It is the place where the group of peasants are attacked by Darphus at the beginning of the Hercules story Unchained Heart.

North up the coast to Piha

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