Xena Edit Decision Lists

What Is An Edit Decision List?

The term Edit Decision List refers to a list that is made by a video tape editor while putting together a TV programme. Since Xena is a programme made to be shown on commercial television, the show is naturally divided into a number of seperate Acts or segments. In the case of Xena there are normally five acts and two sets of titles. What is presented here is a list of the edits needed to reassemble the natural or commercial-free episode from the episode as transmitted. This gives information on the total running time, and the length and content of each of the Acts in each show listed. These are all based upon the US showing of an episode unless otherwise stated.

Also included in these detailed per-episode lists are the full list of the credited cast along with the key per episode production credits such as writer and director which change from episode to episode.

Edit Decision Lists Available

Production Code Name Total Running Time Uplink Date Summary Trailer
V0201 Remember Nothing 43:17 6 Oct 96
V0208 The Xena Scrolls 44:16 16 Jun 97(R)
V0210 Return of Callisto 44:20 9 Mar 97(R)
V0211 Intimate Stranger 44:18 16 Mar 97(R)
V0212 Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis 43:12 19 Jan 97
V0215 Ten Little Warlords 43:49 23 Mar 97(R)
V0217 The Price 44:10 28 Apr 97
V0219 A Necessary Evil 44:18 9 Feb 97
V0220 For Him The Bell Tolls 43:49 24 Feb 97
V0223 A Day In The Life 44:22 16 Feb 97
V0225 Comedy Of Eros 44:16 12 May 97
V0226 Lost Mariner 44:12 5 May 97
V0404 Gabrielle's Hope 43:13 26 Oct 97
V0406 The Debt, Part 1 43:45 2 Nov 97
V0413 One Against An Army 42:06 8 Feb 98
V0415 Forgiven 43:44 15 Feb 98
V0474 The Furies 43:15 28 Oct 97

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