Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

The Xena Trilogy on DVD

Also available on three NTSC VHS cassettes

The Warrior Princess DVD cover

The Xena Trilogy

Containing: The Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet, Unchained Heart.

NTSC region #1 DVD Cat No 20256
Dual Layer/4:3 Full Frame Color/2hrs 21 mins/Not Rated
Dolby Digital 2.0 Subtitles in English, French, Spanish

Lucy Lawless makes her debut as the beautiful and deadly princess Xena in this awesome, sword-wielding action adventure. Xena plans to kill Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) in order to gain control of the region Arcadian. Part of her lethal strategy includes convincing Hercules' best friend, Iolaus (Michael Hurst) to join her army and turn against his loyal comrade!

Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Robert Trebor, Matthew Chamberlain, Elizabeth Hawthorne.
Written by: John Schulian (The Warrior Princess/Unchained Heart), Robert Bielak (The Gauntlet)
Directed by: Bruce Seth Green (The Warrior Princess/Unchained Heart), John Perez (The Gauntlet)

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