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Locations In Bethells Valley
Bethells Beach Waiti Stream Lake Wainamu

If any particular location is the home of Xena: Warrior Princess, it is Bethells Valley. A small deep valley with wooded hills on either side, it follows the bed of a small river, down from the mighty Waitakere Ranges out to the sea. This river, named Waitakeri after the ranges that hold it's source, meets a small tributary called Waiti Stream near the river's mouth just behind the sand dunes of Bethells Beach. Waiti Stream flows north out into Bethells Valley from an even smaller valley dominated by a sandblow and a large fresh water lake, Lake Wainamu.

Bethells Valley is reached by Bethells Road which starts near the terminus station of the Tranz Metro (the Auckland commuter railway line) at Waitakeri (pronounced Why-tack-airy). Bethells Valley is also the real life home of Tilly, the horse who plays Argo (close-ups and riding) in the series. It was in Bethells Valley that the original sets for Hercules and The Lost Kingdom and Hercules and The Amazon Women were built, although Rennaisance Pictures now have a permanent site for the regular sets elsewhere in North-Western Auckland. The third season episode The Quill Is Mightier... was filmed in the same location in Bethells Valley as the original amazon village in Hercules and The Amazon Women.

The Bethells Valley is also featured in the New Zealand Travel and Tourism web site.

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