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Alti - Evil Shameness and Nemsis to Xena
Amarice - Teenage Amazon
Aphrodite - Goddess
Ares - God of War, Xena's suitor and maybe father
Atrius - Cyrene's husband, Xena's father (maybe).
Autolycus - The self-proclaimed King of Thieves


Bliss - Young son of Cupid
Borias - Warlord (deceased), Xena's lover and father of Solan
Brutus - Senior Roman Soldier, aly of Caesar, killer of Ephiny.


Caesar, Julius - Roman Commander and Triumbrivate member
Callisto - Warlord, psycho, sometime goddess (deceased - many times)
Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt, friend of Xena and Gabrielle
Cortese - Warlord (deceased)
Crasus - Roman Commander and Triumbrivate member (deceased)
Cupid - God, Matchmaker, son of Aphrodite, father of Bliss
Cyane - Leader of the Amazon tribe of the Steppes (deceased - at Xena's hands).
Cyrene - Xena's mother, Tavern keeper in Amphipolis


Darphus - Xena's lieutent (deceased) who ousted her from command of her army
Daephibus - Brother of Paris of Troy
Destroyer, The - Grandson of Gabrielle, son of Hope and Ares
Discord - Spoilt teen Goddess


Eli - Healer, Avatar and spiritual inspiration to Gabrielle
Ephiny - Amazon Princess, Wife of Phantes the Centaur (deceased), Mother of Xenan, Queen Regent of the Amazons (deceased)


Flora - childhood friend of Xena, now a resistance leader.


Gabrielle - Bard, Amazon Princess, close friend, companion and lover (maybe) of Xena.
Graegus - Ares' monsterous pet (deceased)


Hecuba - Gabrielle's Mother
Helen - Friend of Xena, Beautiful wife of Paris of Troy
Hercules - Close Friend and sometime lover of Xena
Herodotus - Gabrielle's Father
Hope - Daughter of Gabrielle and Dahak (deceased - thrice)


Iolaus - Friend and companion of Hercules, sometime lover of Xena.


Jett - Joxer's evil older brother, the so-called King of Assasins
Joxer - Inept wannabe Warrior with a good heart who follows Xena and Gabrielle around.


Kaliapus - Centaur King (deceased), foster father to Solan - Xena's son (deceased)
Kraftstar - Priest of Dahak


Lao Ma - Chinese Queen (deceased), mother of Ming Tien, sometime lover of Xena.
Lila - Sister of Gabrielle
Lyceus - Younger brother of Xena (deceased)


M'Lila - Slave girl from Gaul, saved Xena's life when she was crucified by Caesar, taught Xena "the pinch".
Melosa - Queen of the Amazons
Meridien - Priestess of Dahak, murdered by Gabrielle.


Najara - Zealot, Crusader and basket case.


Orpheus - Musician to the gods, helped Xena defeat Bacchus.


Perdicus - Villager turned Soldier (deceased), husband of Gabrielle
Phantes - Centaur prince (deceased), Husband to Ephiny, father of Xenan.
Pompey - One of the triumbrivate of Rome, foe of Caesar (deceased).



Rafe - Smarmy con-man who Xena rather fancied.


Salmoneus - Travelling Salesman and friend of Xena, Gabrielle and Hercules.
Sisiphus - King and trickster (deceased)
Solari - Amazon Lieutant, close friend of Ephiny. (deceased)


Terreis - Amazon Princess (deceased) who bestowed her rank on Gabrielle for trying to save her life (unsuccessfully).
Tien, Ming - Chinese King (deceased), son and murderer of Lao Ma
Toris - Xena's elder brother
Toxius - Warlord (deceased)
Tsu, Ming - Chinese King (deceased), father of Ming Tien
Tyldus - Centaur King, father of Phantes.


Ulysses - King of Ithica and hero of the Trojan War


Velasca - Amazon (became goddess, trapped)
Vercinix - Freedom fighter from Gaul, rescued from Rome by Xena.



Xena - Warrior Princess, former warlord now fighting for good, daughter of Cyrene, mother of Solan, sister of Lyceus (deceased) and Toris. Companion and lover (maybe) of Gabrielle.
Xenan - Centaur son of Ephiny (deceased) and Phantes (deceased), a centaur prince.



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