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Season Six Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Buffy Anne Summers
Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris
Anya Emerson/Anyanka
Dawn Summers
Tara Maclay
Spike/William the Bloody
Willow Rosenberg
      Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Emma Caulfield
Michelle Trachtenberg
Amber Benson
James Marsters
Alyson Hannigan
      DOB: 04/14/77
DOB: 04/12/71
DOB: 04/08/73
DOB: 10/11/85
DOB: 01/08/77 [6ABB19]
DOB: 08/20/69
DOB: 03/24/74

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Time Sheets

# Air
10/02/01 9/19/01
Bargaining, Pt. 1
Bargaining, Pt. 2
Buffy's friends try to cope with Buffy's death and are left to defend Sunnydale without her. Meanwhile a gang of marauding demons threaten to jeopardize their plan to bring the slayer back from the dead. To complicate matters, Giles contemplates leaving Sunnydale to come to terms with the loss.
Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head. Razor: Franc Ross. Tara: Amber Benson. Mag.: Geoff Meed. Klyed: Mike Grief. Shempy Vamp: Paul Greenberg. Ms. Lefcourt: Joy DeMichelle Moore. Teacher: Bru Muller. Cute Boy: Robert D. Vito. Parent #1: Harry Johnson. Parent #2: Kelly Lynn Warren. Pretty Girl: Hila Levy. Homeowner: Richard Wharton.
103 10/09/01 10/03/01 6ABB03 After Life
A visiting demon offers the Scooby gang an eery reminder of Buffy's death and resurrection.

Buffy and her friends are visited by a demon that forces them to deal with the repercussions of the Slayer's resurrection
Tara: Amber Benson. Demon: Lisa Hoyle.

104 10/16/01 10/10/01 6ABB04 Flooded
Buffy takes on new adult responsibilities while three adolescent villains make sunnydale their new playground.

Buffy tries to find new vocation but is overwhelmed by the adult responsibilities of running a household and parenting Dawn while also protecting Sunnydale from a new posse of villains.
Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head. Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. M'Fashnik Demon: Todd Stashwick. Tara: Amber Benson. Mr. Savitsky: Michael Merton. Tito: John Jabaley. Bank Guard: Brian Kolb.

105 10/23/01 10/18/01 6ABB05 Life Serial
The new villains in town put buffy to the test.

Buffy does her best to get on with her life while villains Jonathan, Warren and Andrew unwittingly put the Slayer through a series of tests to find her weakness.
Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head Tara: Amber Benson. Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Tony: Paul Gutrecht. Vince: Noel Albert Guglielmi. Marco: Enrique Almeida. Professor Bellamy: Marcia Ann Burrs. Mike: Jonathan Goldstein.

106 10/30/01 10/24/01 6ABB06 All the Way
The Scooby gang celebrates Xander and Anya's engagement and dawn gets into Halloween mischief.

Buffy's friends celebrate Xander and Anya's engagement while Dawn puts herself in danger when she sneaks out with friends to engage in some Halloween-night mischief.
Tara: Amber Benson. Janice: Amber Tamblyn. Kaltenbach: John O'Leary. Justin: Kavan Reece. Zack: Dave Power. Glenn: Charles Duckworth. Christy: Dawn Worrall. Marla: Emily Kay. Karl: Adam Gordon.

107 11/06/01 10/30/01 6ABB07 Once More, With Feeling
Buffy sings - and dances!!!

A demon summoned to Sunnydale forces Buffy and the Scooby Gang to sing their most private - and sometimes shocking -- secrets to one another.

The musical features all-original songs and lyrics written by Joss Whedon for this special episode. All numbers are sung and danced by the cast members themselves. Choreography was designed by Adam Shankman.
Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head. Sweet: Hinton Battle. Tara: Amber Benson. Mustard Man: David Fury. Parking Ticket Woman: Marti Noxon. Handsome Yooung Man: Daniel Weaver. Henchman: Scot Zeller. Demon/Henchman: Zachary Woodlee. Henchman: Timothy Anderson. Henchman: Alex Estronel. College Guy #1: Matt Sims. College Guy #2: Hunter Cochran.
[Note: The episode is being presented in letterbox format.]

108 11/13/01 11/07/01 6ABB08 Tabula Rasa
Willow casts a spell that goes awry with comical consequences.

A spell Willow casts to make Buffy forget she was in heaven has unintended consequences. Meanwhile, Spike tries to avoid the clutches of a demon loan shark.
Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head Teeth.: Raymond O'Connor. Tara: Amber Benson. Vamp #1: Geordie White. Vamp #2: Stephen Triplett. Vamp #3: David Franco.

109 11/20/01 11/16/01 6ABB09 Smashed
Spike's chip malfunctions with dastardly results while Willow goes on a black magic bender.

Something goes wrong with Spike's chip allowing him to attack people. Meanwhile, Willow reunites with an old friend to cause some magical mayhem.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Amy: Elizabeth Anne Allen ("Bull"). Tara: Amber Benson. Woman: Patrice Walters. Man: John Patrick Clerkin. Rusty: Jack Jozefson. Reporter: Rick Garcia. Innocent Girl: Kelly Smith. Ryan: Jordan Belfi. Simon: Adam Weiner. Brie: Melanie Sirmons. Girlfriend: Lauren Nissi.
[UPN's note about Buffy and Spike is basically accurate, but it pertains to this episode.]

110 11/27/01 11/21/01 6ABB10 Wrecked
Buffy and Spike face the morning after while Willow turns dangerously to black magic.

Buffy becomes so intent on fighting her attraction to Spike that she fails to recognize Willow's descent into magical addiction and the dangerous situation it creates for Dawn.
Amy: Elizabeth Anne Allen ("Bull"). Rack: Jeff Kober. Tara: Amber Benson. Mandraz: Fleming Brooks. Jonesing Girl: Mageina Tovah. Jonesing Boy: Michael Giordani. Creepy Guy: Colin Malone.

111 1/08/02 12/19/01 6ABB11 Gone
A social services worker threatens to take guardianship of Dawn. Complicating matters, the three villains accidentally turn Buffy invisible with a ray gun forcing the gang to rely on Willow's natural brainpower to save the slayer. Plus, in a moment of panic over her relationship with Spike, Buffy chops off her hair.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. [unknown]: Daniel Hagen. Doris Kroeger: Susan Ruttan. Cleo: Jessa French. Girl in Park: Kelly Parver. Meter Man: Jeffrey Jacquin. Security Guard: Dwight Bacquie. Little Boy: Lyndon Smith. Little Girl: Melinda Webberley. Co-Worker: Elin Hampton.
112 1/29/02 1/16/02 6ABB12 Doublemeat Palace
In order to make ends meet, Buffy takes a new job at a fast food restaurant where there's something fishy about the food and her co-workers.
Amy: Elizabeth Anne Allen. [unknown]: Pat Crawford Brown. [unknown]: Brent Hinkley. Lorraine: Kirsten Nelson. Halfrek: Kali Rocha. Gary: T. Ferguson. Gina: Marion Calvert. Phillip: Douglas Bennett. Timothy: Andrew Reville. Mr. Typical: Kevin C. Carter. Elderly Man: John F. Kearney. Housewife Type: Sara LaWall. Pimply Teen: Victor Z. Isaac.
[87/3.5/5 (:)]
113 2/05/02 1/30/02 6ABB13 Dead Things
Buffy investigates why Spike is suddenly able to attack her, despite the chip in his head. Our three villains use a new devise to turn Warren's old girlfriend into a sex slave, but when things go wrong, she accidentally ends up dead. Using demons in a mock fight, they set Buffy up to think she's responsible for the killing.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Katrina: Amelinda Embry. Tara: Amber Benson. Gina: Marion Calvert. Desk Sergeant: Rock Reiser. Cop #1: Bernard K. Addison. Cop #2: Eric Prescott.
114 2/12/02 2/06/02 6ABB14 Older and Far Away
Feeling abandoned, Dawn wishes that no one leaves her alone again and makes her wish known to a guidance counselor who is actually a vengeance demon in disguise. The demon then casts a spell that makes it impossible for anyone in Buffy's house, there for her birthday party, to bring themselves to leave. Things get worse when a monster is discovered in the house that is wreaking havoc.
Hallie/Halfrek: Kali Rocha. Richard: Ryan Browning. Tara: Amber Benson. Sophie: Laura Roth. Clem: James C. Leary. Teacher: Elizabeth Cazenave.
115 2/26/02 2/19/02 6ABB15 As You Were
While in pursuit of a demon, Riley calls upon Buffy to help him track the demon's nest. Riley has also returned with his wife Sam, who works for the same commando team he does. Riley's new found happiness makes Buffy question her relationship with Spike, leading to the two breaking up.
Riley Finn: Marc Blucas. Sam: Ivana Milicevic. Todd: Ryan Raddatz. Skanky Vamp: Adam Paul. Lady: Marilyn Brett. Baby Demon Puppeteer: Alice Dinnean Vernon. Riley Finn: .
116 3/05/02 2/27/02 6ABB16 Hell's Bells
On the day of his wedding to Anya, Xander gets cold feet about their prospective life together when an odd stranger offers him a glimpse into the future.
Mr. Harris: Casey Sander. Hallie/Halfrek: Kali Rocha. D'Hoffryn: Andy Umberger. Mrs. Harris: Lee Garlington. [unknown]: Jan Hoag. [unknown]: George D. Wallace. Tara: Amber Benson. [unknown]: Steven Gilborn. Clem: James C. Leary. Warty Demon: Daniel McFeeley. Tarantula: Rebecca Jackson. Tentacle Demon: Mel Fair. Demon Teen: Nick Kokich. Night Manager: Robert Noble. Young Bartender: Julian Franco. Caterer Girl: Susannah L. Brown. Josh Age 10: Joey Hoitt. Sara Age 8: Abigail Mavity. Josh Age 21: Chris Emerson. Sara Age 18: Ashleigh Ann Wood. Karen: Megan Vint.
117 3/12/02 3/06/02 6ABB17 Normal Again
A demon doses Buffy with a powerful chemical that causes her to hallucinate, convincing the Slayer her parents are alive and Dawn never existed.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Hank Summers: Dean Butler. [unknown]: Michael Warren. Lorraine: Kirsten Nelson. Tara: Amber Benson. Joyce Summers: Kristine Sutherland. Nurse: Sarah Scivier. Orderly: Rodney Charles. Kissing Girl: April Dion.
118 4/30/02 3/28/02 6ABB18 Entropy
Since Xander and Anya's wedding fiasco the two have had time to reflect and both miss each other a lot. But the situation turns ugly when Anya and Spike, both feeling spruned (and the affects of a lot of whisky), sleep together...and Xander and Buffy happen to witness it.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Hallie/Halfrek: Kali Rocha. Tara: Amber Benson. Mother: Edie Caggiano.
Due to an error at 20th Century Fox, this episode did not feed to Canada when it was supposed to. The tape was not delivered to the 20th Century Fox TOC, 6ABB19 was. It finally fed at 15:30 on T5/13.
119 5/07/02 4/17/02 6ABB19 Seeing Red
Buffy, Anya and Xander all try to deal with the fallout of feeling betrayed when Spike and Anya sleep together. After creating a weapon that gives the trio super human powers, Warren goes after Buffy, and during a grueling battle Buffy breaks the orb that gives Warren his power. Warren escapes but Jonathan and Andrew are thrown in jail. Seeking revenge, Warren later shoots Buffy, slightly wounding her, but a stray bullet hits and kills Tara.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Blond: Amy Hathaway. Beautiful Woman: Nicole Hiltz. Clem: James C. Leary. Frank: Garrett Brawith. Administrator: Tim Hager. Guard #1: Stefan Marks. Guard #2: Christopher James. Girl at Bronze: Kate Orsini.
Due to an error at 20th Century Fox, this episode fed to Canada a week early (4/29/02), instead of 6ABB18.
120 5/14/02 4/24/02 6ABB20 Villains
Willow is consumed by vengeful feelings after Tara's death and musters all the evil magic power she can in order to take her revenge. Buffy and Xander try to track down Willow and stop her before she gets to Warren and kills him - human laws must be apply to humans, Buffy argues. Meanwhile, Spike visits a powerful evil force in Africa to try and get his chip removed and restore him to his old, vampirey self.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Rack: Jeff Kober. Katrina Silber: Amelinda Embry. Clem: James C. Leary. Cave Demon: Steven W. Bailey. Coroner: Tim Hodgin. Paramedic: Michael Matthys. Clerk: Juie Hermelin. Demon Bartender: Alan Henry Brown. Doctor: Mueen J. Ahmad. Nurse #1: Jane Cho. Nurse #2: Meredith Cross. Paramedic #2: David Adefeso. Vampire: Jeffrey Nicholas Brown. Villager: Nelson Frederick.
5/21/02 5/17/02
Two To Go
After exacting revenge on Warren for Tara's death, an extremely powerful and vengeful Willow now vows to go after the other two members of the trio, Jonathan and Andrew, forcing Buffy into the unlikely role of nerd-villain protector due to her belief that it is wrong to kill humans. At the Magic Box, Willow catches up to them all and takes on Buffy and Anya. Things are looking bad until Giles comes back to join the fight. Meanwhile, Spike undergoes a fiery test given by the African demon in order to win his soul. Also, after getting his heart broken by Buffy, Spike is in search of a soul undergoes a fiery test given by the African demon in order to win it.
Part 2 synopsis info not provided.
Note: Will air as a two-hour movie.
Jonathan: Danny Strong. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Rack: Jeff Kober. Rupert Giles: Anthony Stewart Head. Cave Demon: Steven W. Bailey. Officer: Jeff McCredie. Patrol Cop: Damian Mooney. Truck Driver: Michael Younger. Trucker: Brett Wagner.
Clem: James C. Leary.
Due to the length of the feed, it was moved to 0830.

The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by UPN.

The satellite uplink to Canada occured one day before the U.S. air date.

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