Beverly Hills 90210

Season Four Opening Title Sequence

College Freshman Year

[90210 Sat Slate] [90210 Title Slate]
Type Chan Size Rate Length
AU 1 725,107 8 kHz 1:31
WAV 1,998,470 11 kHz
WAV 2 3,996,894
WAV 15,987,444 44 kHz
MP3 1,446,530
240x180 MOVIES (15 fps)
Type Encoding Length Audio Size
AVI Indeo 5.06 1:51 16-bit
44.1 kHz
MOV CinePak 20,353,501

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[Starring] [Jason Priestly] [Shannon Doherty] [Jennie Garth] [Ian Ziering] [Gabrielle Carteris] [Luke Perry] [Brian Austin Green] [Tori Spelling] [Carol Potter] [James Eckhouse] [Created by Darren Star]

[Copyright] [Production Company #1] [#2]

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