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Eighteen-year-old Brittany Snow just knew all her countless hours of dance lessons would pay off, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd be dancing to classic 1960s tunes and practicing the "jerk" and the "twist" for her first starring role on primetime TV.

Dancing since age 3, Snow says she had a blast learning new dance moves for her role as likable teenager Meg Pryor who realizes her dream of being a dancer on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" in the NBC drama series "American Dreams."

Playing the eldest daughter of the Pryor family, Snow's "good girl" character is a teen in the 1960s struggling to find balance between her family's strict upbringing and her own desires as a young woman. "Meg is trying to prove that there's something in her life that she wants to be and something that's special. She's trying to branch out from her parents for the first time."

A native of Tampa, Florida, Snow began her acting career appearing in and lending her voice to numerous national commercials.

Snow made the transition to series television when she landed a feature role as Harley's (Beth Ehlers) long-lost daughter, Susan, on the soap opera "Guiding Light," and along with her mother, would commute on weekends to New York City where the show was taped. "My character was always into a lot of trouble," she says. "I loved to play that part and get to be the 'bad girl' and do all those things that I'd never do in real life."

Snow's additional television guest-starring credits include "Safe Harbor," "seaQuest DSV" and the pilot "Murphy's Dozen."

Snow recently wrapped production on the Disney film, "The Pacifier," starring Vin Diesel, Faith Ford and Brad Garrett.

An avid movie buff, Snow could see a different movie every day if she had the time and loves to study the acting techniques of her favorite stars. She's also a fitness enthusiast and jogs and works out regularly. And, of course, like any teenager, Snow loves to shop, hang out with her friends and go to the beach. Her birthday is March 9.

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