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According to her mother, 11-year-old Sarah Ramos would go to bed each night pleading to get an agent - then wake up each morning asking about the status of her parent's talent agent search.

After a short delay, Ramos' pleas have been answered as she plays the youngest of the Pryor girls, the brainy Patty, in the new NBC drama "American Dreams."

Born in Los Angeles, Ramos began developing her acting abilities at the age of 9, entering into formal training at Center Stage L.A.

While continuing to study her craft, Ramos has appeared in a number of school plays and musicals. She also starred in a variety of commercials, as well as several student films including "Gel," "Advertising Is Hell," "Rule of Thumb" and the independent feature "Blastzone."

When not spending her time in the 1960s on "American Dreams," Ramos enjoys, soccer, horseback riding and singing. Her talent extends beyond acting as she has written several situation-comedy pilots. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her family. Her birthday is May 21.

Photos: Eike Schroter, Paul Drinkwater, Kevin Foley

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