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Will Estes can associate with the inner turmoil faced by his character JJ, as he battles against the pressures of his father's (Tom Verica) football dreams and his own desire for something better in NBC's new drama "American Dreams."

"JJ's a kid whose world is a little bit turned upside down," he says. "He's kind of at a loss for an identity within himself."

Growing up in Los Angeles, Estes always enjoyed acting, starring in various commercials and sitcoms throughout his childhood. However, it wasn't until his high-school graduation that he considered making a career out of the craft. "Acting was always fun, but it wasn't until I got older that I actually decided to focus my energy in that direction," he says.

The actor is perhaps best know for his role as Seaman Ronald "Rabbit" Parker in the World War II adventure film "U-571," starring opposite Matthew McConaughey and Jon Bon Jovi. His other movie credits include the independent features "New Port South," "Hard Shell," "Terror Tract," "The Road Home" and playing a high school football phenom defending an autistic friend, in "Blue Ridge Fall."

Estes' television credits include "It Had to Be You," guest-star appearances on "7th Heaven" and "The Fugitive" and the television films "The Familiar Stranger" and "See You in My Dreams" (starring Marcia Gay Harden and Aidan Quinn).

Along with football, Estes enjoys gymnastics, movies, jujitsu and working around his Los Angeles home. His birthday is October 21.

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