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Season Four Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Annie Wilson
Dixon Wilson
Naomi Clark
Erin Silver
Navid Shirazi
Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Liam Court
Ivy Sullivan
      Shenae Grimes
Tristan Wilds
AnnaLynne McCord
Jessica Stroup
Michael Steger
Jessica Lowndes
Matt Lanter
Gillian Zinser
      DOB: 10/24/89
DOB: 07/15/89
DOB: 07/16/87
DOB: 10/23/86
DOB: 05/27/80
DOB: 11/08/88
DOB: 04/08/83
DOB: 11/04/85

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# Air
69 9/13/11 401-69 Up In Smoke
WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER ONE OPENS - In the season four premiere, gang from Beverly Hills have graduated from high school. Naomi has spent the summer dealing with the shocking news of her pregnancy and quickly discovers she doesn't have the status at college that she did in high school. Annie receives some unexpected news that keeps her in town, while Liam returns from his summer away ready to commit to Annie. Dixon finds himself without a roommate or a place to live, while an unexpected visitor tests Navid and Silver's relationship after they move in together. Adrianna comes back to town looking for redemption, which she soon learns will be hard to earn back. Ivy and Raj struggle to deal with Raj's health getting worse, while Teddy struggles with coming out to his family.

Teddy Montgomery: Trever Donovan. Raj Kher: Manish Dayal. Max Miller: Josh Zuckerman. Terry: Justin Deeley. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Jeremy: Matt Cohen. Leila: Summer Bishil. [unknown]: William Russ. Doctor: Rebecca Tilney. Shwn: Derek Theler. Officer Atwood: Chad Michael Collins. Taylor: Abigail Klein. Flight Attendant: Emily Chang. Passenger: Aline Elasmar. Bus Boy: Joshua De La Garza. Theophilus London: Theophilus London. Band Member #1: Jordan "Watts" Watson. Band Member #2: Jahab Zeb Malik.

70 9/20/11 402-70 Rush Hour
SORORITY GAMES - In an effort to re-gain her status, Naomi rushes a popular sorority, where she, along with Annie go through sorority games. Annie finds out a shocking secret about new guy Jeremy that could affect her future. Liam decides to keep the bar he bought on a whim and has a surprise guest from Alaska come into town, while Dixon finds an unlikely roommate in country boy Austin, which could lead to trouble. The search for Navid's sister Leila forces Navid and Silver to enlist in Adrianna for help, much to the dismay of Silver.

Terry: Justin Deeley. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Holly: Megalyn Echikunwoke. Jeremy: Matt Cohen. Leila: Summer Bishil. Bree: Cameron Goodman. Jane: Kristina Apgar. Margo: Maitland McConnell. Darius: Bug Hall. Shawn: Derek Theier. Coffee Guy: Jeff Tschida. Frat Jock: Stephen Chang. Football Coach: Michael Taggart. Football Player: Nic Hufman.

71 9/27/11 403-71 Greek Tragedy
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - After making an enemy in sorority president Holly, Naomi finds unusual allies who help her get revenge. Annie, short on money for sorority dues, must figure out a quick way to come up with the cash. Liam and Jane get closer, while Adrianna reveals a secret that causes Liam to look at her in a different light. Ivy becomes increasingly frustrated with her friends and lashes out at their lack of compassion, while Navid must deal with his uncle coming into town and trying to undermine Shirazi Studios.

Holly: Megalyn Echikunwoke. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Bree: Cameron Goodman. Jane: Kristina Apgar. [unknown]: Chloe Bridges. [unknown]: Sarah Hagan. Margene: Katherine VanderLinden. [unknown]: Laura Morgan. Karim: Tui Asau. Ashley: Diane Gaeta. College Girl #1: Amanda Kruger.

72 10/04/11 404-72 Let The Games Begin
SWEET REVENGE - Navid surprises Dixon with some studio time to apologize for messing things up with a music producer, where Dixon feels the pressure to create a hit song. Naomi plots revenge to take down rival Holly and her sorority during the Greek games, which requires Austin's help, much to Naomi's dismay. Silver directs a disastrous commercial for Liam's bar, while Ivy feels torn between her relationship and her friends.

Raj Kher: Manish Dayal. Max Miller: Josh Zuckerman. Austin: Justin Deeley. Holly: Megalyn Echikunwoke. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Bree: Cameron Goodman. Jane: Kristina Apgar. [unknown]: Stephen Amell. [unknown]: Sean Wing. [unknown]: Chloe Bridges. [unknown]: Sarah Hagan. Margene: Katherine VanderLinden. [unknown]: Laura Morgan. Dredd: Joshua Dov. Hot Girl: Ashley Hawkins. Emcee: Willie James Warren Jr.. Stoner Guy: J.R. Nutt. Bookish Girl: Joy Regullano. Officer: Link Baker. College Girl #1: Melissa Carnell. Polo SHirt Guy: Sean Hankinson.

73 10/11/11 405-73 Party Politics
FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS - Silver is asked to make campaign videos for political candidate Marissa Harris-Young who is running against Teddy's Uncle Charles (for public office. Teddy runs into an old flame and Annie gets stuck with Leila during an important date. A surprise visitor threatens to tear Liam and Jane apart, while Naomi can't shake her growing feelings for Austin during a party to encourage students to vote.

Marissa Harris-Young: Brandy Norwood. Uncle Charles: Robin Thomas. Shane: Ryan Rottman. Leila: Summer Bishil. Jane: Kristina Apgar. Austin: Justin Deeley. : .

74 10/18/11 406-74 Benefit Of The Doubt
KELLIE PICKLER GUEST STARS - Liam gets offered a modeling job after an agent sees the commercial for his bar, while Annie finds herself starting to fall for an unlikely guy. During a charity talent show event to raise money for an experimental cancer treatment for Raj, Naomi is determined to win the contest in order to show up Austin's out-of-town visitor Sally. While working on his music, Dixon pushes his limits and starts spiraling out of control, which forces Adrianna to confront him.

Austin: Justin Deeley. Raj Kher: Manish Dayal. Dredd: Joshua Dov. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Bree: Cameron Goodman. Leila: Summer Bishil. Sally: Kellie Pickler. Patrick: Chris L. McKenna. Kat: Tiffany Hines. Winter: Bre Blair. Dr. Harris: Leith Burke. Marissa Harris-Young: Brandy Norwood. Photographer: Guy Hadley. Assistant: David Lengel. College Girl: Melissa Christine.

75 11/01/11 407-75 It's The Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark
BRANDY NORWOOD GUEST STARS - Naomi has to work with her arch-nemises Holly to throw a campus costume party, leading to unfortunate consequences. Navid's plan to bring down his Uncle Amal is threatened, while Silver discovers that political candidate Marissa Harris-Young is not who she seems. Meanwhile, Adrianna handcuffs herself to Dixon in an attempt to get him to stay sober and Annie must decide if she wants to give Patrick another chance.

Austin: Justin Deeley. Holly: Megalyn Echikunwoke. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. Nick: Sean Wing. Patrick: Chris L. McKenna. Kat: Tiffany Hines. Winter: Bre Blair. [unknown]: Ray Wise. Marissa Harris-Young: Brandy Norwood. Himself: Perez Hilton. Single Mother: Chesare Hardy. Snarky Man: Dan Mott. Banana Girl: Hanover Booth. Cute Girl: Alison Woods. Drunk Girl: Najarra Townsend.

76 11/08/11 408-76 Vegas, Maybe?
VINNY GUADAGNINO AND BILLY RAY CYRUS GUEST STAR - The gang heads to Las Vegas, where Naomi meets Austin's dad, country superstar Judd Ridge. The guys run into a celebrity at the pool, where Liam gets invited to play in a celebrity poker tournament. Teddy and Shane decide to tie the knot, while Dixon and Adrianna get closer. Meanwhile, Navid sees an opportunity to take his Uncle Amal down.

Austin: Justin Deeley. Judd Ridge: Billy Ray Cyrus. Himself: Vinny Guadagnino. Shane: Ryan Rottman. Uncle Amal: Anthony Azizi. : .

77 11/15/11 409-77 A Thousand Words
YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT - Silver's video of Teddy's Vegas wedding is leaked to the press, and has damaging effects on his uncle's campaign. Liam's modeling career is taken to the next level by Shelia and Annie is determined to help Dixon, even though the help he needs comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Ivy and Raj decide to plan for the future.

Shelia: Dina Meyer. Raj Kher: Manish Dayal. : .

78 11/22/11 410-78 Smoked Turkey
GOBBLE, GOBBLE - Dixon tries to pursue a relationship with a resistant Adrianna, while Ivy and Raj's arguing takes a toll on their relationship. Liam plans a holiday dinner for the gang, and an unexpected guest shows up. Meanwhile, Naomi goes to extremes to prove her love to Austin.

Raj Kher: Manish Dayal. Austin: Justin Deeley. : .

79 11/29/11 411-79 Project Runaway
JANICE DICKINSON GUEST STARS IN A CAMEO ROLE - Dixon struggles with temptation as he tries to make his way back into the music world, while Annie confronts Jeremy, who stands in the way of her inheritance. Naomi and Holly embarrass themselves in front of Janice Dickinson at a fashion show, while Navid reaches a breaking point with his uncle. Meanwhile, Teddy makes a big decision that upsets Silver.

Jeremy: Matt Cohen. Holly: Megalyn Echikunwoke. : .

80 12/06/11 412-80 O Holly Night
fall finale

: .

81 1/10/12 413-81 [TBA]
winter premiere

: .

82 [TBA] 414-82 [TBA]
: .
83 [TBA] 415-83 [TBA]
: .
84 [TBA] 416-84 [TBA]
: .
85 [TBA] 417-85 [TBA]
: .
86 [TBA] 418-86 [TBA]
: .
87 [TBA] 419-87 [TBA]
: .
88 [TBA] 420-88 [TBA]
: .
89 [TBA] 421-89 [TBA]
: .
90 [TBA] 422-90 [TBA]
: .
91 [TBA] 423-91 [TBA]
: .
92 [TBA] 424-92 [TBA]
: .

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The CW. The show's production number prefix is 001-40405. The full production number for episode one is 001-40405-101-01.

Shows currently air Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET/PT, except where noted.

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